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  1. Sequential LED Tail Light Upgrade for 3rd Gen
  2. Hella 6" Fog Lights Install
  3. 'Fog" night lights?
  4. Aux Hella foglights (teaser pic)
  5. Honda Fit 2018 fog lights
  6. Need Brighter Headlights
  7. What do you guys recommend for Led headlights?
  8. H4 headlight bulb holder rotated?
  9. LED Pillar Lights install help
  10. Ambient lighting, sound deadening, audio upgrade, the full treatment
  11. Fit LEDs
  12. Anyone done Xenon headlamp upgrade for 3rd gen FIT?
  13. Does Honda purposely hide bulb types?
  14. Question about lighting circuit in doors
  15. OEM LED Fog lights a worthy upgrade?
  16. Morimoto XB LED headlight
  17. Illuminated Door Sills for 2018 Fit. Easy!
  18. GK: Baja Designs Squadrons in stock fog location
  19. Honda fit headlights
  20. LED 9003/H4 bulbs that don't suck?
  21. TRS LED Headlight Assembly
  22. 2010 base model foglight kit
  23. New Third Gen Fit LED Headlights
  24. Illuminated Door Sills
  25. Full Interior Bulb Swap With LED Panels
  26. Foot Well Lighting (Interior Illumination - 08E10-T5A-100)
  27. Philips X-tremeVsion (+130%) VS Philips RacingVision (+150%)
  28. custom headlights and taillights
  29. Climate control & AC/Rear defrost bulbs
  30. 2009 Fit Headlights
  31. 2018 Fit headlight upgreade help pls
  32. Has anyone tried led headlight bulbs?
  33. Putco Silver-Lux LED head light and fog light - Install and mini Review
  34. Door light
  35. 2015 LX Looking for easy install LED headlights
  36. Anyone know of a fuse that only has power when ignition/car is OFF
  37. LED Bulbs
  38. Interior Illumination Kit in 3rd Gen?
  39. Diode issue with H4 LED bulb
  40. LED recommendations for map/dom/cargo lights for 2013?
  41. Rally Lights mount
  42. Best 2007 & 2008 Headlight Buld
  43. 100w 8 ohm load resistor fix hyperflash?
  44. type of gheadlight kit
  45. Led headlight confusing computer?
  46. Different color headlight assembly
  47. Independent Foglight Mod not working anymore?
  48. Occam's Peanut Bulb
  49. 2016 Honda Fit LED Headlight Review
  50. GK Aftermarket Headlight Assembly
  51. DIY: IPF LED Headlight and Foglight Conversion (H4 model 341HLB and H11 model 101FLB)
  52. LED's!! 09 Fit GE8!
  53. Led Third Brake Light Repair Fit 2008 1 Generation
  54. Question on Retrofit setup: high beam & DRL
  55. Tail light socket connectors 2016 Fit
  56. Jazz GK Daytime Running Lights (Philippines)
  57. Opt7 led kit for fog lights!
  58. Signal light by remote control lock
  59. Fog light bezel LED DRL
  60. New 2015 DRL LED mod question
  61. How-to: GK independent fog lamps
  62. Fit / Jazz GD projector install with indicator/main beam relocate guide.
  63. ZXE Sylvania Silverstar headlights and Fogs
  64. I hate my stock headlights
  65. Morimoto HID retrofit
  66. Morimoto xb led fogs
  67. HID issue
  68. HID conversion
  69. Weird hyper blink when parking lights are on even with load resistors
  70. a question for fog light owner
  71. Headlight suggestions
  72. Interior LEDs/Neon lighting
  73. LED Conversion complete.
  74. US GK - Aftermarket Headlight assembly?
  75. 2015 honda fit HID install
  76. H4 Philips Ultinon LED
  77. OPT7 LED bulbs
  78. Installing a rear dome light in the headliner
  79. Where to tap for DRL LED power
  80. Running grounds to toggle switch instead of +
  81. Tail light red LED strip as dim lights
  82. Front Turn Signal Stealth Replacement
  83. Rear Fog Light - FIT 3rd Generation
  84. Will this work? (Wiring for led footwell) 2015 fit
  85. Putting LED's in Cargo Area
  86. New interior LED bulbs are not turning off
  87. HID Kit Help
  88. GE8 DIY Guildeline - Illuminated Auto Folding Side Mirror Switch Conversion
  89. JDM Headlights fit USDM GD3
  90. GK5 Fog Light Housing Removal?
  91. Found this headlight mod while searching the net...
  92. Xenon White LED Fog Lights..
  93. Control of Fog Lights
  94. Nite Lux LEDs from College Hills
  95. Need ideas tuning/customizing.08 Sport Manual Fit
  96. Phillips Extreme Vision +130
  97. Help a girl out ..
  98. Daytime Running Light bulb options
  99. My Fit is giving me a fit!
  100. Suggestions for Head lights & Fog Lights
  101. Changed H4 from HID to Cree Led. Output too low
  102. Bulb sizes: Fit 2015 - Complete List
  103. DRL inquiry
  104. LED Upgrade
  105. Definitive Answer for HIDs
  106. How to guide: Upgrade interior bulbs to LED
  107. H4 Cree LED replacements?
  108. Projectors on '13 Base
  109. HID or LED Headlights
  110. Multi-Color Foot Well Illumination - pics and video
  111. DC/MD/VA HID Retrofitter Recs?
  112. 2013 Factory Interior Illumination HELP!
  113. headlight restoration....
  114. Preferred method for yellow fogs.
  115. HID relay fuse keeps blowing
  116. Convert front turn-signals to dual filament?
  117. OEM Foglight Wiring Install
  118. Use the turn directional bulbs switchback as DRL
  119. Honda Fit GD3 08
  120. HID Ballast Bulb Connectors
  121. Wtb these headlights
  122. Headlight Reflector Painting - HELP
  123. GD3 with Daylight 4's
  124. Dome light questions. Again.
  125. Cargo light - how is turned on please?
  126. Fog Light Retrofit??
  127. Headlight Retrofit Poll
  128. Installing LED Lights in Honda Fit Sport 2008
  129. Easy-Peasy 48-LED panel upgrades for roof & trunk
  130. No low beam, DRL + High beams work
  131. recommendations
  132. fog light film...
  133. My LED conversion Compared to stock.
  134. LED Fog question...
  135. GE8 LED CHMSL on my GD3 :)
  136. HID Fogs
  137. 3rd Brake Light
  138. Tail Light Issue: Solve This Mystery
  139. Tinting Clear Part Only of GD Tails
  140. Any experience with these?
  141. JDM honda foot lights (gd3)
  142. Need help with ambient light
  143. Halo Bulbs
  144. Independent Fogs, sort of... Would This Work?
  145. Found this
  146. Anyone knows how to change this bulb??
  147. Finally added some LED Running Lights.
  148. Interior Overhead Light and Rear Defogger Light Out???
  149. DIY: Adding Brake Light inside Fog Light Section of JDM LED Tail Light
  150. LED Equalizer
  151. Emergency Brake Troubles !!!!!!!
  152. Help with Interior Lighting Install
  153. Crazy Question. How to add lights? Where to wire it all in!?!?
  154. Photo Phavor Needed from Sport Owner
  155. Confirmation for map light wiring, please
  156. Chrome Headlight Surrounds/Bezels
  157. Source for high quality LED text 3rd brake lights
  158. Can someone explain the difference in taillights?
  159. LED headlights
  160. foglight bulb replacement?
  161. Independent GE8 Fogs
  162. UGHHH Can't decide on what to do for the retrofit!!
  163. Found this site anyone buy from them.
  164. What bulbs are you guys using for your jdm tails??
  165. Batman - 3rd brake light vinyl cover....
  166. Lock problem...
  167. New clear Stellar V's
  168. GE8 H4 Hi/Lo HID Flash to Pass?
  169. Need guide for 13' Base Map Light DIY
  170. HID Fogs went out
  171. GE: Map lights turn on with Dome?
  172. 2007 Fit LED's in the cup holders?
  173. Experiences with LED Tail Lights..
  174. need help finding headlights
  175. Advice wanted from forums headlight experts
  176. Can aany one tell me where can I get best car rotors?
  177. Any one have/install these jdm oem tail lights?
  178. Philips Xtreme Vision H4 is yellow to me
  179. GD3 retrofit projector tutorial
  180. Need adviceee :d
  181. Tachometer light not working at night
  182. Black trimmed headlamps?
  183. Footwell Lighting
  184. dashboard warp,not matt!!!
  185. Axis Smoked Red Tail Lights.
  186. Cargo Light Cover [email protected]#&*
  187. Daytime Running Lights (DRLs) for the 2010 UK Honda Jazz
  188. Super simple way to brighten the cargo light
  189. GE8 Tail Light Options.
  190. Change Interior air con dial lighting
  191. LS460R Round 2
  192. Idea's / Suggestions
  193. Complete NOOB here! Interior led......
  194. Quick Question Headlight
  195. Headlight Tint - FAIL!
  196. 2011 Jazz Tail lights LED
  197. Noob question: interior LED lights and color choices
  198. JDM GD3 Tail Light Q
  199. 08 fit parts for sale and trade
  200. trunk light always on..
  201. Fog Light Bulb or Film?
  202. 2nd Gen GE8 projectors
  203. Interior Illumination?
  204. Mounting auxiliary driving lights?
  205. Questions # 2 : Both Brake lights died - bulbs ok , third brake light ok
  206. Parking Lights wiring?
  207. Hid installed with rubber boot?
  208. 3000k Daytime Running/Parking Lights???
  209. Retrofit?
  210. how do i turn off the daylight running lights ?
  211. BEST HID brand and bulb type??
  212. JDM 3rd brake lamp
  213. Jdm non led light question
  214. All Red taillight Film
  215. GE8 Dome/Map light question
  216. High Powered h4 & h11
  217. OEM fog light button to fit GE???
  218. Changing Stock Radio Colour
  219. boot light for non honda car
  220. parking light melted plastic! Help!
  221. anybody use 3000k for low beams? yes i searched
  222. Hello tail lights
  223. LED Sidelights, NumberPlate Lights and Boot light
  224. Retrofit Kit
  225. Phillips XP 80 bulbs matching Parking Lights
  226. Cannot find the part number for the Map Light assembly.
  227. GE8 Spec-D Tail Lights???
  228. Remove paint from headlamps
  229. HID Problem: Right Headlight Turns Off After Some Time
  230. HELP.. Mishimoto D2S
  231. Anyone try the Silverstar zXe headlights?
  232. Want to start with my retrofit
  233. Silver Star High Performance Lighting
  234. Opening Headlights Help!
  235. GE foglight retrofit
  236. headlight fog
  237. GE8 JDM Base tail lights.. illuminated pictures?
  238. GE Morimoto H1 retro DIY
  239. HID kit issue. PLEASE HELP.
  240. EL Wiring
  241. DIY install colored led's in your dome/maplight
  242. Diy ge8 hid fog light installation
  243. wanted: audi adaptive LED lights.
  244. can i wire my front signals to always be on?
  245. Front Grill Lights to Ambient Light Switch
  246. Working on my retrofit to end all retrofits
  247. Laminex Headlight?
  248. Fit EV Tail Lights
  249. Anyone Mount Rally Type Lights on Their Fit?
  250. Parking Light repeatedly blowing out.
  251. Taking apart stock tails
  252. Installing Interior Illumination
  253. Planning my retrofit :)
  254. hid install on 2011 fit
  255. honda fit 03 Front Indicator bulb
  256. mugen door light
  258. Axis styling ge taillights
  259. DecalDude interior LED light replacement
  260. Illuminated Door Sills
  261. DDMtuning Raptor HID kit w/ high/low integrated
  262. GD3 Daytime Running LED's (help?)
  263. How to disable central dash dimmer?
  264. my Retrofit on my MR gd3. 56k not safe
  265. just another happy morimoto mini HID projector user
  266. Need help with H4 Hi/Lo HID conversion Kit Installation!
  267. Removing bumper necessary when installing HID?
  268. GD3 Halo/LED Headlights has anyone used these?
  269. HID drop in retrofit for my '07 GD3
  270. T1R Interior Light Set (GE8)
  271. How to install real jdm gd3 tail light
  272. Headlight and fog light Bulb ...post your bulb name
  273. Retrofitting Tails?
  274. PNP hid quality in GE8 oem foglights?
  275. Headlight restoration on tinted tails?
  276. Best lighting for night vision trobules
  277. Axis Styling Taillights
  278. Just got my GE8, question about aftermarket headlights
  279. Just finish fx-r retro
  280. Led parking lights.
  281. Morimoto Mini D2s Bi-Xennon retro GD3
  282. LED DRL's Yay or Nay?
  283. Fixed the foglights for $30
  284. Need help finding projectors
  285. Headlight Voltage Drop
  286. N1 concepts tail lights
  287. Side mirror LED Turn Signals from sakurapart (Thailand)?
  288. infinity mirror brake light?
  289. need help: side mirror LED parking light - turn blinker combination
  290. GE8 Honda Fit with Mori Mini D2S
  291. Installed Philips H4 X-Treme Vision Headlights
  292. Headlights on, not on gauge cluster
  293. Any good place to Mount 4 HID Ballast....
  294. One HID went out
  295. Yellow corner lights as DRL?
  296. Backlit LED Emblem Questions
  297. Dash Z Projector Headlights???
  298. Need Good Recommendations. (seriously)
  299. ?!? LED Footwell Help ?!?
  300. 5000K HID Conversion.
  301. DIY: Honda LED Roof Light
  302. need help with n1 tails
  303. Help!!! Lights WONT Turn on...
  304. What you guys think of silver?
  305. HIDs not turning on on the first try
  306. H-4 LED vs. HID
  307. LED H4/9003 Headlight bulbs...?
  308. Daytime Running Light Bulb Size
  309. custom headlights...
  310. led tails
  311. Anyone know anything about these?
  312. Do you have this problem with your LED?
  313. My projected headlights (GE exclusive)
  314. yellow film for fog light - check this out!
  315. Retrofit hid's... Only driver side high-beam works... NEED HELP!
  316. How do you change out the backup bulbs?
  317. LED tailights, install, convert, DIYs
  318. Question Regarding Underglow
  319. depo rear tail lights
  320. fx35 retrofit troubles
  321. Replace exisit GE8 headlight bulb
  322. Philips X-treme Power... who should get it and why get it??? 65K WARNING
  323. Yellow suspension
  324. 09/10 Sport ambient light install question
  325. Dashlights always on
  326. Question about HIDs.
  327. What do you think about this?
  328. HID Fogs...
  329. Factory wiring for 07 side markers?
  330. Need help installing hid's
  331. WTN: DEPO Clear JDM LED Tails
  332. Recommendations for good headlight bulbs?
  333. Were do you have LED's @ in your Fit/Jazz
  334. See if there is interest in LED buy ?
  335. front turn signal
  336. Help needed HID install..
  337. US Headlight assemblies WITHOUT an inside color?
  338. Euro Headlight Adjusters
  339. How do you aim the headlights of a GD Jazz
  340. LED Headlight & Fog Light bulbs
  341. Under the Hood Lighting for the 1K time haha
  342. best site/place to buy hids?
  343. 09 Honda Fit FX35-R
  344. ? about sidemarker wiring
  345. independant fog DIY issue
  346. Wiring along w/ foglights
  347. HID Question
  348. Where to order tail light cover?
  349. Honda Japan interior light- WANT
  350. Bulb recommendations?
  351. H4 plug n play harness is it good?
  352. Problem with my projectors
  353. HID projector retrofit
  354. Help deciding headlight corner color...
  355. J's Racing Stellar V LED Tail Lights
  356. HID ILLUSIONZ- NY retrofit.
  357. Making front parking lights DRLS?
  358. GE8 LED Tail Light Install help needed
  359. Help me hid or projector socal shops
  360. Smoked LEDs
  361. H9 for H11 Foglight Swap?
  362. H4 Lamp
  363. Hella vs. PIAA driving lights
  364. install 60w H4 bulb over factory 55w H4 bulb? bad ?
  365. Projector Lense Kit
  366. DIY: GE8 LEDs for footwell, key ring, and cupholders
  367. Yellow bulbs, clear lenses
  368. 2 layers of lamin-x?
  369. Interior Bulb Replacement?
  370. quick question on HIDS!
  371. how to replace tail light bulbs?
  372. How to change the low headlight fuse?
  373. HOW TO: Add leds into your center console and still look factory
  374. Needs opinion...HID plug and play
  375. confirmation on headlight bulb size for GE8!!
  376. DayTime Running Lights - TURN OFF?
  377. Luminics vs Luminics Krypton?
  378. Cheapest place for OEM Headlight Assy?
  379. Your HID kit last over a year?
  380. Halo Teaser
  381. Different bulbs for Ambient Light Kit?
  382. Headlight Pinout
  383. Fog light film help
  384. HID Bulb Cracked in Housing
  385. My HIDextra.com Review
  386. Review: Theretrofitsource.com
  387. Reverse Light and Turn Signal Swap
  388. So I started my projector retrofit..
  389. Where can I find the wire for the head lights?
  390. HID projectors
  391. Dual Halo HIDs?
  392. Rear foglight for the GE8?
  393. xentec hid kit on my ge8
  394. "Clearly" a cool mod!
  395. for those that got the HID low bim only kit...
  396. HID low halogen hi installation... drl works but not the halogen hi??
  397. High beam and fog light problem....
  398. Changing Sidemarker bulb?
  399. Removing HID and Reverting Back to Stock Halogens
  400. I need HELP with my new light!
  401. GE8 base vs. sport headlights, questions
  402. Project M.I.C. HID Kits
  403. led dash lights lights
  404. oem foglight switch pin out
  405. WEIRD problem after installed LED tail light
  406. What is the best way to Aim/position fog lights. Not sure if they're aimed too high.
  407. I want to replace my turn signal bulbs with LEDs?
  408. Top and Bottom Brake Lights on GD3
  409. PIAA fog lights with OEM fog light switch?
  410. My Dome & Trunk LED review (SuperBrightLeds) - 56k beware
  411. Tail light red turn signal bulb?
  412. Need help
  413. HID: Xenith Xenon H11 problems
  414. Confused.....
  415. After market fog lights?
  416. Switching out foglights (GE8)
  417. Headlight Swap
  418. Need help! Hid f**ked my headlights
  419. LED cargo light wiring help.
  420. GE8 LED 3rd Brake Lamp?
  421. OE GE8 Foglight Removal
  422. jdm hazard switch gd3
  423. H4
  424. Super Nova Matrix 5X from autolumination.com
  425. h11 foglight connector
  426. DIY: GE8 Interior footwell LED, wired into dome (overhead) light. BIG pics!
  427. eBay projectors
  428. GE JDM Tails Install
  429. Help parking light bulb
  430. HID DIY on GE8?
  431. Fuse/Wire...?
  432. Damaged headlight - Projectors?
  433. Fog light yellow bulbs
  434. burned out bulb
  435. Audi-Style Accent/Parking LED Light Strip
  436. Any1 know shop that install HID kits
  437. Fog light question H11
  438. Philips X-Treme Power H4
  439. instalation
  440. How to Install New H11 for Fogs
  441. led tails?
  442. Looking for yellow film that wont burn
  443. hid high beam problem
  444. Tail light red out!!!!
  445. Thinking about upgrading to HID's
  446. GD LED tail lights reverse socket
  447. HID Upgrade Question
  448. Got the LED tails for my GD...HEEEELP!!!
  449. this the cheapest I can get these altezza lights?
  450. fog removal-removal
  451. GD JDM Depo Headlight
  452. HID Light Problem ;-(
  453. depo gd3 led tail light help!!!!!
  454. DIY - LED Tails w/ Rear Foglight on a GE8 Sport
  455. USDM fit Head Light questions
  456. 7443 red leds and 168 white led
  457. How to install LED running lights on GE8. Wiring Guru's please HELP!
  458. Question: Wiring my 09 Fit's interior LED lights a certain way
  459. Changed headlights to Xenon 5000K and now can't see well
  460. Complete list of all lights in 09 GE!
  461. Parking Light removal Help!!
  462. VHT nightshades easy DIY
  463. Outside door handle LEDs & garage door opener
  464. Automatic Headlights
  465. DIY Help with Headlights
  466. Need HELP WITH MY 2007 Fit Headlights and RIMS
  467. DIY: Change Parking Lights
  468. ion yellow fog lamps?
  469. DRL on HID Conversion Kit
  470. Cargo Light With on/off switch Plug and Play
  471. How to turn cargo light off/on.
  472. HELP How Do I Adjust My Fogs Properly???
  473. Best yellow fog light bulbs SITE LINKS WOULD HELP!
  474. Depo Headlights work with US 2007 fits?
  475. retrofit idea
  476. hid low/high beam Hid fogs
  477. Multicolor interior lighting?
  478. Will rsx fogs fit?
  479. GE 3rd brake light
  480. Custom LED lighting set up. PICS
  481. lights power comparison (standard vs. led, etc.)
  482. eBay GE Non-LED JDM Tail light replicas
  483. HID xenon installation question
  484. LED Dome and Cargo Lights
  485. HID Install
  486. Motorized headlight adjustment.
  487. Any Projector Kits for GE's
  488. Jdm clear with red tail lights
  489. GE8 Depo smoked LED tail light WHERE CAN I GET THEM!?
  490. DIY: Install Cup Holder LED's GE8
  491. what kind of switch do you have?
  492. Need help identifying where to hook up footwell lights
  493. GE: Wiring ON/OFF button for DRLs?
  494. NEON(whatcolor?)
  495. Lighted Door Still Trim
  496. it finally came in.
  497. DIY- yellow fog lights...DONE!!**pic**
  498. Tail Lights...has anyone done this?
  499. Is the electric mirror switch lighted ?
  500. Where to get a 13P connector and 9 pins ?