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  1. Straight pipe
  2. Red honda decal
  3. Need help finding this part
  4. Project Setrab ATF (Transmission ) Cooler
  5. Is my fuel pump defective?
  6. My engine is dead, need Advice in engine swap!
  7. Base shifter bushings and shifter cables bushings
  8. Fuel assembly stuck? Isn't this thing supposed to just come out after you remove the
  9. What is the exact link or part number of Evo fuel pumps that work on our cars?URGENT
  10. Vash's Sprintex Install log
  11. Where to buy RDX Turbo 410cc injectors?
  12. List of tuning servicers for K-Tuner
  13. How do you remove the plastic cover to the ECU?
  14. Ge8 k20z3 swap
  15. Sprintex install question
  16. IK22 reach shorter than stock plug
  17. which K engine swap is easist for my FIT?
  18. HPS Intake vs Modded stock box
  19. DIY Fuel Line upgrade to Goodridge 910Series PTFE with Aramid(Kevlar) reinforced hose
  20. Hps short ram intake to cold air conversion?
  21. need help installing hps short ram!!!
  22. Fit newb.... need turbo advice
  23. spoon intake chamber?
  24. Project Setrab Oil Cooler plus SPAL Radiator Fan
  25. Exhaust System Overall haul
  26. DIY Denso 265lph drop-in Fuel Pump (Made in Japan)
  27. OEM Intake inquiries
  28. 2012 Sport Automatic transmission
  29. Ge8 jdm audm thailand ktuner
  30. Samco Hose, Maxbore Throttle Body, Boomslang Harness
  31. K24 Motor Swap
  32. Taller final drive?
  33. Just Bought GE8: Axle-Back Comparo
  34. So ive been noticing something 2nd gen'er were doing and wondered why?
  35. HKS Silent hi-power exhaust for GE8??
  36. My Civic Si Resonator & Muffler with 2 1/4in Custom Stainless Steel Piping
  37. Quick question for guys with custom MagnaFlow exhaust.
  38. HPS SRI finally installed. Here is my initial review.
  39. I bought a mellow magnaflow muffler. Now which B-pipe?
  40. Issue with blocking off EGR Valve
  41. GE8: Cat back exhausts
  42. Ok guys I'm sorry to stoop this noon low and ask about IK22.
  43. Do any of you guys have the HPS-SHORTRAM-AIR-INTAKE?
  44. Going turbo
  45. My JDM CR-Z Mugen AirBox
  46. Need a bolt-on axle-back that fits with a trailer hitch
  47. Digital ECU tuners for fuel economy?
  48. Sprintex supercharger reliability
  49. Innovative mounts
  50. Generic or alternative EGR replacement?
  51. Installed A DIY intake, boggy motor
  52. Air Intake/Brake light
  53. '13 fit sport running lean after intake
  54. Does the J's Racing 50r exhaust system fit usdm fits??
  55. hps short ram question.
  56. hose giving me trouble
  57. GE8: 2010 Honda Fit - Ktuner interest?
  58. GE8 midpipe/b pipe options?
  59. weapon R header
  60. 2011 crz rear axle conversion for ge8???
  61. radiator replacement question
  62. Battery
  63. JET 67021 JET V-Force Plus Performance Module
  64. JET 69133 Performance Mass Air Sensor
  65. GE8: Tanabe T70143A Medalion Touring Axle Back Exhaust <- installing this w/e tips?
  66. GE8: MAF Mass Air Flow Sensor upgrade for more HP?
  67. GE8: Piggy Back &or ECU Reflash
  68. GE8: Tanabe T70143A Medalion Touring Axle Back Exhaust
  69. GE8: HKS 32003-BH005 Hi-Power Exhaust
  70. GE8 after market exhaust options
  71. a different approach to installing the 51r battery (youtubes vid)
  72. Spark Plug Indexing
  73. How To make GE8 Faster
  74. New Muffler, which one is better?
  75. 0w20 or 5w30 for my 2011 fit GE6
  76. Recommended battery jumper brand and model?
  77. D'OH!!! Brought the wrong plugs...ok to use?
  78. GE8 Intake Review: HPS Short Ram, K&N Typhoon, PRM Jetstream.
  79. HPS Silicone Hoses® 27-102WB - Wrinkle Black Short Ram Air Intake and/or DIY question
  80. T1R response header gaskets
  81. Need new plugs for 09 sport.
  82. Manifold Cover Interest?!?
  83. Coolant Temperature Sensor
  84. intake indecision....
  85. Turbo Kit for GE8
  86. L15b dohc head + 6 spd tranny on l15a7 ?
  87. GE muffler cross section
  88. T1R, Weapon R header cel eliminator
  89. sprintex supercharger install.. need plugs anyone?!
  90. Ground kit helps our GE's a bit
  91. First Engine Oil & MT Fluid
  92. MAF bolt stuck!
  93. Valve clearances tendency
  94. Where is the evaporator drain hose?
  95. Gk valve head swap to ge
  96. Gk to Ge valve head swap?
  97. spark plug ejection
  98. APEXi Smart Accel Throttle Controller - Installed in my GE8
  99. Flywheel information found GE-GK
  100. 2013 Honda Fit - Gear shift indicator light, how do you change it??
  101. Factory supercharged CRZ?
  102. T1R response header
  103. Exhaust bumper guard
  104. Air box mod question
  105. What Kinetik battery will fit?
  106. understanding the throttle body
  107. GE Custom Forced Induction Thread
  108. Battery upgrade for a Fit '09 sport: 51R?
  109. Hpd l15a7 red valve covers
  110. Just received My K&N Typhoon Intake
  111. Help me choose a intake
  112. Catch can question
  113. Are you still on your OEM battery?
  114. Weight: 51R vs 151R
  115. [Explaoratory] '15 6-speed swap into GE8?
  116. Anyone try a HPS Short Ram Intake?
  117. Super Mini ELM327 Bluetooth OBD2 Scanner
  118. Cheap(er) sri that's actually worth the money
  119. K20 GE8 Dyno
  120. I just dont see it...why wont a 08 exhaust fit?
  121. Throttle position readings...
  122. JDM / RHD CMC delay delete
  123. pistons question
  124. SPARK PLUGS Which one is better?
  125. GE8 Flywheel & Clutch
  126. WeaponR headers question... Ge8
  127. The HONDATA FlashPro for GE8 List - Write Your Name Down!!!
  128. Sprintex Supercharger PerfectPower SMT8L FAQ---Hardware and Software explained.
  129. Emailed Boomslang and got good news!!
  130. DIY: Apexi VAFC 1st Gen
  131. Sprintex Supercharger Install
  132. Engine difference
  133. GE8 Intake Options Questions
  134. Hondata for GE8
  135. would a gd3 crank pulley fit a ge8
  136. Cruise functionality on ECU?
  137. New California 2013 Fit legal power mods
  138. Cx Racing turbo for GE8?
  139. n/a road map for the GE8
  140. The 51R battery is the better choice for the Honda Fit
  141. Electric Supercharger
  142. 51r Duracell Battery from Batteries Plus Fits in my 2011 Honda Fit Sport
  143. Installed Tanabe Touring Medalion
  144. 3" maf sensor adapter?
  145. has anyone used the kraftwork supercharger?
  146. ATR built GE8 Fit Turbo
  147. Apexi SMART Accel Controller
  148. Coolant/antifreeze block drain plug questions
  149. Ge8 ready for boost
  150. Hydroshield worth it?
  151. Power Enterprise Co., Ltd. supercharged Honda GE8 FIT
  152. Another switchback mod
  153. Which Exhaust to get?
  154. Where to buy GReddy ti-C Exhaust?
  155. GE6 exhaust
  156. Any one installed bee r rev limiter on ge8
  157. MPG Decrease w/ Tanabe T70143A / 2011 FIT
  158. 51R Battery Upgrade on my '09 Fit
  159. Throttle Body By Pass L (Elbow Fitting)
  160. GD vs GE MT swap
  161. R18 Throttle Body fit on a L15?
  162. J's racing hyper ecu- swap?
  163. DIY: Accord Exhaust Tips
  164. 09 Fit....is the fuel system return or returnless
  165. Question about Cat Converter/midpipe/axleback
  166. Have any members tried a Sprint Booster ?
  167. Completely useless but AWESOME read....L15A7 Van Diemen Install HPD guide
  168. Mugen Exaust
  169. Although useless from a performance standpoint, does anyone have Samco Sport hoses?
  170. Really good read.....with pics!
  171. Intake manifolds interchangeable?
  172. Just a FYI for custom intake guys. You dont have to destroy you stock airbox, read!
  173. L15A7 talk, come on in. A rant about the current state of the L15A7.
  174. Noblesse Type V Dual Exhaest
  175. Honda parts guy says the mugen exhaust doesn't fit the 2012 ??!!
  176. IS this a real GE turbo kit?!
  177. Ge honda data flashpro
  178. T1R Power Header! **AVAILABLE NOW**
  179. Hasport replied to my email...
  180. TOPFUEL PowerChamber Type-2 GE8 Intake
  181. 2009 fit sport Intake recommendations
  182. Intake options on 2010 AT fit sport?
  183. Biggest bang for your buck? Weapon R "Header" or T1R Test/Racing Converter or B pipe
  184. More HP N/A?
  185. Axle Back & Tow Hitch?
  186. noone has a mugen exhaust ??
  187. Spoon Exhaust & Mugen rear?
  188. T1R converter/b-pipe/SC51 Muffler
  189. DIY Grounds
  190. Ge8 bolt on turbo?
  191. ebay intake?
  192. D16 anyone?
  193. Greddy Ti-c or Hks hi power
  194. GE8 Turbo Exhaust & Intercooler Piping Kit
  195. So, I got bored of my DIY Intake... (Pics inside.)
  196. Battery options--what are they for an 09?
  197. Need to complete your exhaust?
  198. Which Exhausts Fit Mugen Rear Bumper
  199. has anyone tried working the head....giggle.
  200. Sprintex Supercharger Installed *Pics and Vid*
  201. Removing AC, what belt needed?
  202. Flowmaster DBX on GE8
  203. 2010 GE8 AT Straight Pipe Axle Back
  204. Let see them duals.
  205. Check Engine Light After CAI Install
  206. Mugen vs. stock exhaust db level
  207. Touring Medallion Owners...
  208. Anybody consider an R18 swap?
  209. PRM CAI and ADD oil catch can install
  210. Just how loud / quiet is the Mugen Sport exhaust?
  211. Exhaust "Duramas" in GG2
  212. Alternative swaps R&D
  213. Breather Hose
  214. GE8 Weapon R Header Question
  215. GE8 Rev Limiter question, please help
  216. J's Racing camshaft
  217. Will this hurt my car?
  218. d series supercharger?
  219. apexi afc neo
  220. GE8 Exhaust Setup Question
  221. AT Fit Motor Swap
  222. Finally got my pipes done! ...Again!
  223. Just want to make sure....
  224. Takeda CAI
  225. Fits air/fuel video
  226. GE8 K-SWAP. The future is not so distant anymore
  227. 2nd Gen (GE) Exhaust System Review Thread
  228. Transmission Swap GE8
  229. question on the HKS Hi Power Exhaust system
  230. 2011 Honda fit with Sid SRI
  231. Well it's official for the CR-Z...
  232. Has anyone tryied bypassing ELD a must see it might change everything
  233. T1R testpipe/racing converter experience, share yours.
  234. Saw a weapon R header imitation (almost), what you think? pics*
  235. Tanabe Medalion Touring + Custom CMR b-pipe
  236. Exhaust recommendations?
  237. Finally : Straight Pipe Axleback Sound Clips
  238. TIR VIP Dual Tip Muffler for GE8
  239. MAF Question
  240. Has anyone else seen this yet?
  241. Flowmaster Exhaust Question
  242. Spoon Radiator Cap
  243. Question about Ge8 Automatic exhaust system
  244. Need ideas for cheap engine mods!
  245. CAI's for A/T?
  246. Question! T1R Mid-Pipe Owners (GE8)
  247. Hypertech! Product Request!
  248. Biting the boost bullet.
  249. VAFC Question
  250. Recommendations on where to buy HKS Hi Power
  251. stock and stock-like muffler
  252. Cosmetic engine bay ideas?
  253. Turbo Questions
  254. top fuel intake
  255. Finding the right intake for me
  256. greddy/trust exhaust from another car
  257. T1R test pipe, or everything else?
  258. Has anyone tried a remote turbo on the ge8?
  259. Loud Exhaust for GE????
  260. Twin Exhaust to fit Mugen Rear
  261. Spoon throttle body?
  262. oil Life RESET??
  263. A really dumb question on exhaust?
  264. How Bout The Megan Racing Axle-Back??
  265. GE8 ECU Wiring Diagram? Anyone?
  266. T1R V.I.P exhaust
  267. unresonated b-pipe and tanabe touring?
  268. new muffler...stock resonator question
  269. greddy tic help
  270. J's new piece...
  271. Our forced induction prayers have been answered
  272. Has anyone installed a transmission cooler?
  273. mugen exhaust
  274. What GE's need...
  275. Which of these axle backs do you feel sounds the best?
  276. Cheapest way to get more HP/Acceleration?
  277. Aem fic
  278. 10' Sport Greddy Ti-C
  279. GE8 Dress up parts, hoses, fittings etc.
  280. Steps to a successful DIY turbo build:
  281. Sprintex supercharger IS AVAILABLE!(GE8)
  282. Does anybody live near Greddy USA?
  283. Spring bolt thread size
  284. Engine Tuning Parts without ECU Tuning. Is it Useless?
  285. Tanabe has full cat-back exhaust for GE8
  286. T1R s-coils users chime in
  287. Fabricating a Custom Exhaust, Please help! Thanks!
  288. 2011 Fit Sport - Exhaust
  289. ECU/Fuel Trim adjustment - help?
  290. Which is better, Concept G or Touring Medallion?
  291. Custom Cat-Back having issues. D:
  292. GE8 1.5L Supercharger Kit.
  293. Borla Muffler
  294. Final Drive swap in an A/T?
  295. Best Price/Place for Tanabe Touring Exhaust?
  296. Buddy Club Pro Spec Help!
  297. GE8 T1R B-Pipe Question, Please Comment / HELP!
  298. concept G vs. touring medalion.
  299. Apex-i muffler? WWYD
  300. Making F/IC overboost function
  301. help!! on HKS F-CON IS tuning
  302. T1R *NEW* S51 Muffler for GE8 09+ Fit !
  303. Tenative GE8 DIY Turbo Plans
  304. GE8 K20a Swap (VIDEO)
  305. RACELINE USA Supercharger Kit
  306. Revolution Concepts Turbo Kit
  307. Just came across this...
  308. new b pipe for the fit:)
  309. Greddy SE or HKS Hi-Power
  310. 1-Track Mind Turbo Kit
  311. made my own little axle back =)
  312. skunk2 catback?
  313. Custom Ram Air Idea
  314. A silly question...
  315. High comp pistons for the 2nd gen L15A
  316. Which exhaust is lighter than OEM?
  317. T1R Short Shifter Question
  318. My Tanabe Touring Medalion's first cry...
  319. dual exhaust
  320. Vtec Engage?
  321. EMS for Fit/Jazz......
  322. lets email KW and show intrest in a GE8 SC KIT
  323. Factory exhaust piping diamter help?
  324. APC muffler w custom piping
  325. Muffler Shop Test Pipe.
  326. spoon n1 muffler comments?
  327. HKS & Tanabe flyby exhaust note
  328. Catch can (optional)
  329. Tanabe Medallion Touring - Installed
  330. Not-so-pointless Airbox Mod DIY
  331. Skunk 2 Short Shifter??
  332. Muffler Replacement only?
  333. Civic Type R Engine Cover
  334. Tanabe Medalion
  335. Hks fit ge turbo bolt on soon
  336. GE6 ECU Wiring diagram
  337. Apexi HME Exhaust
  338. power packs , ignition control module, 2 step
  339. Advanced Speed has 1 Tanabe Touring Medallion in stock
  340. Mugen "Quick Shifter"
  341. What do you GE guys think about this radiator?
  342. Magnaflow 11132 review
  343. who has the weapon r header ge8
  344. DIY: $50 (or less) Intake For The GE. CAI / SRI
  345. Fuel trim
  346. what CAI should i get ??????
  347. TW: Zex Nitrous Kit For Honda Fit
  348. Has anyone installed/purchased the WeaponR "header"?
  349. Light weight exhaust?
  350. Tanabe Concept G
  351. Which exhaust would be better?
  352. which turbo kit?
  353. Unichip tuned
  354. Tanabe exhaust incoming!
  355. anybody tried magnaflow?
  356. what is the best header for GE8 FIT?
  357. T1R intake dyno !
  358. are pulleys worth it?
  359. Greddy ti-c
  360. Testing Waters: T1R VIP Exhaust
  361. J's Racing Exhaust
  362. dress up your bay?
  363. Suggestions for a custom exhaust?
  364. F-TECH Extreme Turbo Kit for FIT GE
  365. "Soft" clutch?
  366. KW come on with it...
  367. Calling all nitrous experts (adivce needed)
  368. Anyone know anything about the Worldsport being released?
  369. Encountering problems with nitrous
  370. JDM vs USDM MAF...any difference??
  371. Miss leading description? HKS turbo kit?
  372. Swap out Spark Plugs for a few horsepower
  373. Swap
  374. turbooo
  375. My New Greddy Ti-C on GE8
  376. hks hi power on my ge8
  377. Got a question about the Zex Nitrous Kit install
  378. JDM 2009+ ECU Part Numbers?
  379. Greddy f-manage for ge8, any review?
  380. Chambered Exhaust Systems
  381. new muffler on my Fit
  382. what should i do?
  383. Torque Dampers?
  384. Exhaust -Power not Volume Recomendations?
  385. GE8 Turbo or Supercharger??
  386. 09 Fit Engine / Tranny Durability?
  387. GE8 KWSC kit?
  388. hks high power
  389. T1R 50S Exhaust (GE8) !
  390. ti-c greddy exhaust
  391. First oil change @ 10,000 miles--> switch to synthetic. Help
  392. tanable vs buddy club
  393. exhaust for a new fit?!
  394. 2nd Gen (GE) Intake System Review Thread
  395. J2534 Reflash Possibilities
  396. The Official GE Exhaust Thread
  397. Engine Bay Specs
  398. Mugen Exhaust ???
  399. GE Light tuning
  400. Honda Fit 09 Short ram intake
  401. Any suggestions for exhausts for GE8's?
  402. Pulley GE8 light weight
  403. GE8 Intake Questions & Answers Mega-Thread
  404. FIT turbokit
  405. FIT GE8 Turbo Kit
  406. The UNOFFICIAL exhaust clips thread for the GE
  407. PRM jet stream cold air intake for 2009 fit
  408. J's racing throttle body
  409. Weapon*r looking for a 09 fit..
  410. K20 Fit 2nd Generation How To Discussion