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  1. Crackling/Distortion at Volume above 28 w/ new subwoofer
  2. USB Stick and Tunes
  3. Remote Start install-
  4. table of all honda HUs?
  5. iroot on Display Audio, installing other apps
  6. Lighting Under Dash and Near Cupholders
  7. 2018 specific GK attempt in adding amp.. DENIED!
  8. Remote Turn On
  9. Stock Tweeters / Upgraded Door Speakers
  10. Swapping stock tweeters on 2015 Fit
  11. Blutooth: No "Playlists" showing on car's screen
  12. Sound Processor for Stock Radio
  13. Orronoco Audio DIY - 2015 Honda Jazz
  14. Replace Head Unit-What's Being Lost?
  15. Speaker Upgrade to Improve Sound?
  16. Wireless Android Auto --Kenwood Excelon DMX905s
  17. Axxess ASWC-01
  18. Easy Subwoofer Addition To Stock Audio System
  19. Upgrade factory speakers with factory HU, more bass in mind
  20. Gk fit stock dash tweeter rattling sound
  21. 2018 Add an Amp wiring harness
  22. 2015 Fit EX, possible EX-navi swap ?
  23. Gen 3 Horn Upgrade.
  24. 2018 Fit. Discreet place in back to cut in a line out converter?
  25. Alpine w505e
  26. Similar LED headlamps, LEDs imitate halogen filaments
  27. USB phone connector ... in console compartment?
  28. Bluetooth Transmitter Add on
  29. Sub enclosures
  30. Handbrake signal OFF DIY !!!!
  31. Vendor Says It Doesn't Fit! I say... "I think it can!"
  32. Upgraded '16 LX head unit to Sony aftermarket
  33. Immobilizer bypass for remote start option?
  34. Backup camera adapter: BeatSonic BC29 - any idea if this works?
  35. Defrosting Small Windows in Front
  36. Instrument Cluster Color
  37. HDMI Input
  38. Sony XAV-AX100 Android Auto
  39. Install 2 way coaxial in front door - what about crossover?
  40. Hondalink Navigation NA File request
  41. Subwoofer install - Anyone have under the seat dimensions?
  42. Possible to replace factory tweeters with aftermarket?
  43. ideas for upgrading speakers
  44. 2016 Fit LX (Canada) with touchscreen: Rearview camera connection
  45. 2015 EX Stock Radio/CD Issue.
  46. Come on, Honda - if Kia can retro-update to CarPlay, why can't you?
  47. New Radio for My Honda Fit 2015
  48. Bypass steereng control
  49. NVX / JBL audio system install
  50. Photos of under hood breaker mounting
  51. Weird Issue With Display Screen
  52. Fit Jazz 2016 RADIO FROM EX IN LX
  53. Photodon Protection film for head unit
  54. 2015 Fit vs 2015 Civic Stereo wiring
  55. Honda fit vs Civic.. Infotainment? And stuff [2016]
  56. Red light blinking from gauge cluster when doors locked
  57. So Cal place or person for audio work
  58. audio constantly defaulting to source screen
  59. Podcasts not recognized
  60. 2016 LX radio wallpaper
  61. '16 LX iPod issue
  62. A possible way to get around OEM radio limitations?
  63. Blue tooth not working
  64. USB Flash Drive - MP3 viewing order problem?
  65. Radio wiring problem
  66. Question on speaker install, front doors - use old ones as mounting brackets?
  67. 2016 EX touchscreen radio is sloooowwww
  68. EX Tweeter high pass filter location?
  69. 2016 Fit EX - Upgrade Speakers and Add Sub
  70. Mirrorlink device
  71. Anyone installed aftermarket navi dvd player for 2015 Honda fit?
  72. 2016 - poor AM radio
  73. Harman JBL Legend CP100 Head Unit - Another CarPlay & AA Option
  74. Portable XM receiver hooked up in Fit EX
  75. How does Sirius radio sound through the LX aux port?
  76. Android Auto, MirrorLink and Apple Carplay support
  77. Mirrorlink and google maps
  78. New Owner! Love it, but confused: Apple CarPlay
  79. Bay area free custom 10in subwoofer box
  80. 2016 Fit's Radio
  81. Ready to test/starter "beeps"
  82. Grounding at Center Console
  83. Infotainment rebooting
  84. Which Positive Battery Contact Can I Use
  85. Idea for Google Maps on stock HU
  86. is there a direct connect yet for an added xm radio?
  87. Replacement internal speakers for EX
  88. OEM HU/Kenwood KSC-SW11 Sub installation
  89. Messaging and iPhone
  90. Replacement Dash Tweeters
  91. Anyone Using the Nav App?
  92. Polk db 651 Speakers
  93. iOS Cable Cost/Usefulness?
  94. Putting 1200 rms system in fit. Will it be ok?
  95. Upgrade of speaker system with OEM HU
  96. Subwoofer system.
  97. Prototype HDMI Enable Hardware Works!
  98. Complete high end system install
  99. Radio froze - 2015 EX
  100. Stock Battery enough for an Upgraded car audio
  101. OEM cameras with new HU?
  102. Tips for Working on the Interior
  103. Custom playlists on USB stick?
  104. Installing Polk DB651 Speakers
  105. Mounting depth/height for woofers
  106. So it looks like the new 2016 model does not have Android Auto or Carplay
  107. HondaLink for Dummies
  108. Audio upgrades for fit?
  109. Pioneer Avic 8100nex install
  110. Intel Compute Stick in HDMI
  111. It runs Doom!
  112. Bluetooth Audio issue and workaround
  113. Best Approach to no-amp Audio Upgrade
  114. Adding Phone Feature to Fit-LX?
  115. amp and sub for EX question
  116. Android Auto - Tweet
  117. Music, USB Drives, and exFAT
  118. cheap floor lights
  119. Upgraded the front speakers
  120. Bluetooth Audio Group feature
  121. Hands free doesn't recognize stored phone #s bluetooth
  122. Any Galaxy S5 Owners?
  123. Dashboard Camera Recommendations?
  124. 2015 Fit EX-L. Any way to install Navigation yourself and save money?
  125. clock resetting issue
  126. Lusting after Pioneer 8100NEX Headunit, ???s
  127. Anyone making a radio cover?
  128. Adding tweeters to LX
  129. ApplePlay?
  130. remote control of fit
  131. Making LX into a 6-speaker car?
  132. USB issues with iPhone
  133. Voice recognition no longer works with iOS 8.3
  134. Will MP3 in CD Format Play in the Fit?
  135. Windows Phone on the 2015 FIT?
  136. Removing the stereo and video screen from the 2015 FIT
  137. Android Auto Doesn't Work
  138. Change iPod display options?
  139. 2015 Fit EX with an HTC One M8
  140. Andriod phone WORKS with in car system
  141. Android Auto and MirrorLink
  142. Firmware Update?
  143. Voice Recognition System Volume
  144. 2015 Fit/Full screen Wallpaper
  145. Anyone see this head unit?
  146. Onyx Plus Pics
  147. Infotainment Software / CarPlay
  148. USB folder/file size limits on 2015 fits
  149. Is a Second Amp Fuse at at the Amp Okay?
  150. No splicing factory wires installation of amplifier and speakers
  151. How annoying is the lack of volume and tuning knobs on the 2015 Fit?
  152. Speaker and AMP install help
  153. Where to buy? Nav Headunit
  154. XM Radio poor sound quaility?
  155. Where to put a GPS?
  156. LX Rear Speakers Poor Volume/No Bass Caused by??
  157. Some Hope For Android Users
  158. 2015 honda fit ex l oem navigation into a ex
  159. 3.5 Audio Aux convertor for Fit EX
  160. Radio Harness Pin Layout
  161. Satellite radio
  162. EX/Navi Stereo - issue with "view track text" common?
  163. Hondalink and Iphone Dont Connect
  164. amp under passenger front seat
  165. Is HondaLink spyware?
  166. Warning Statement on LCD Screen
  167. Replacing factory speakers & add amp
  168. Instrument Panel Clock with Aftermarket Unit
  169. Third party installers in the SF bay area.
  170. Door panel/speakers
  171. Phone not compatible, maybe
  172. After Market Head unit ???
  173. Improving Stock Audio Fullness
  174. Non-Invasive/Destructive Amp Power Run?
  175. Signal Processor Reviews
  176. Radio Unit SD Card
  177. iPod Classic - turn repeat or shuffle off
  178. Sirius XM Fit EX NAvi Owners help Wanted!
  179. aftermarket heated seats or seat covers
  180. Good sub for the 2015 EXL
  181. A great article on Infotainment (Carply/Android Auto)
  182. XM Options
  183. HDMI while driving?!
  184. Navigation Traffic Issues
  185. Stereo Quit Working!!!
  186. Ios 8
  187. LX radio display issue (5" inch)
  188. iPhone mount
  189. LX - fast-forward/rewind music track?
  190. HandsFreeLink Text messages show number instead of name, Working as intended?
  191. How to stop iPod/iPhone autoplay of music
  192. Backup cameras depth Perception seems way off?!
  193. Honda Debut's Android Connect Head unit
  194. Adjusting Volume While on Handsfree Call
  195. Ideal Android Car Mount area?
  196. EX-L Head unit froze with Iphone 6
  197. Navi Audio
  198. Apple Carplay now available on 5 Pioneer Units, who wants to be the GK guinea pig?
  199. A little tip for LX - iPhone users
  200. Nav input locked out while driving?
  201. My Fit doesn't like Siri
  202. USB music limitations?
  203. iPhone 6/iOS 8 Caller ID + Display Audio Weirdness
  204. Playing Music from a Flash Drive
  205. Android Auto
  206. Deleting Speed Dial Entries in the EX
  207. Radio removal on a 2015 fit
  208. Radio not showing Station Name or other information
  209. Android Google Maps - Low volume?
  210. Smartphone integration
  211. Missing Aux Input Jack
  212. HDMI port - how are you using it?
  213. iPhone podcasts play 1.5x on Bluetooth
  214. LX with a memory stick
  215. Adding Homelink??
  216. Amp placement
  217. Help with stock radio removal
  218. Honda addresses Honda Link issues with iOS8
  219. Apple heads
  220. iPhone text and email
  221. HD Radio - anyway to enable it in an EX?
  222. Ipad
  223. Routing a wire next to the radio
  224. Using Bluetooth directions in radio through Google Maps
  225. Head Unit Replacement?
  226. Apple CarPlay
  227. How is the sound system?
  228. Portable USB HDD to playback music?
  229. Cord Kit for iPhone
  230. Spotify + HondaLink
  231. Lane Watch Camera Bug and Replacing the Head Unit
  232. 2015 Honda Fit EX radio
  233. Text and message notification
  234. Delete Radio preset stations
  235. "Secret" GPS on non navi EX models
  236. Missing Aux Input Jack in EX
  237. Sirius/XM for 2015
  238. Jailbreak Honda Link, Possible?
  239. For those who plan to use a USB Flash Drive
  240. Stereo keeps resetting
  241. replacing my stock radio