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  1. Mods for NA Sport
  2. Thinking of buying a first generation Fit. Is 200k miles too much?
  3. turbo kit
  4. Homemade key? Not quite well:)
  5. Airbag recall on 2007 Honda Fit
  6. Is the GD sport radio a direct replacement for the base radio?
  7. Faster shifting?
  8. Rear camber kit?
  9. ❤️ my Fit, but car noob. Your advice?
  10. Door lock cylinder repair experience
  11. Power Locks Issue
  12. Coolant Sensor Troubles / Control Box
  13. Honda fit 1.5 vtec low rpm and hesitation
  14. Cheapest possible key for Honda fit _sport_ 2008?
  15. How thick should new rear drum shoes be?
  16. Parking pole question...
  17. Power steering not working!
  18. Spare Tire Mount in Trunk
  19. Spare Tire Mount in Trunk
  20. Passenger Side Water Leak Hunt
  21. Will OEM 16" 2009/2010 Fit Rims work on an 08 Honda Fit?
  22. Roof Storage / Coffin Recommendations
  23. Cable or Chains?
  24. AC Compressor Clutch Won't Engage
  25. Misfiring Fit
  26. Honda Fit Aria 2007 - GD08. Misfiring/Skipping Issue.
  27. #3 coil misfire
  28. Interesting video about Denso starter noise
  29. Need help with motor swap
  30. Spare key replacement.
  31. Air coming from oil fill hole - PCV?
  32. Looking for an air cowl scoop
  33. Sound system setup
  34. install a head unit in 1st gen honda jazz
  35. obd2 plug help
  36. Anyone know what other USDM GD lips are on the market?
  37. Fit engine pullies,, anybody tried swapping?
  38. baterry light goes on and off after new altenator and battery
  39. Bad coil package honda fit 2008?
  40. Speed sensor stupid question...
  41. 2007 Honda Fit Clicking
  42. 2007 Fan speed control issue *NOT BLOWER MOTOR*
  43. Fit losing & gaining power
  44. 2008 honda fit bad mpg
  45. Fumoto for ATF?
  46. whatisthatfor?
  47. adjusting to save more gaz
  48. Could it just be the valves?
  49. Head replacement vs "new" motor
  50. Rear driver side floorboard is soak!
  51. Center Arm Rest add-on?
  52. CEL Flashes on Cold Start
  53. Please assist with this part
  54. Lowering my gd3
  55. 2007 Fit steering column cover
  56. Honda Fit dress up ideas.
  57. Aftermarket lower control arm options
  58. New Member 07 Fit Sport
  59. Coolant replacement (calculation)
  60. Rear Drum conversation to disc brakes.
  61. Weird Fit
  62. 2006 Jazz 1.5 vtec (L15A1) engine vibration
  63. Under shift cable protective cover
  64. Ksport review?
  65. Shocks + struts - Gabriel, KYB, or Monroe?
  66. Thermostat change instructions (read intro first)
  67. CEL, simultaneous codes P0103, P04E5 and P0003
  68. Mods on Honda Fit GD1
  69. 07 fit sport Mod recommendations
  70. Engine swap
  71. Engine swap
  72. Radio knob removal with special tool
  73. Control arm bushings showing their age
  74. If my battery disconnects, will car keep running?
  75. Looking to buy a 08 Sport...Question about Paint?
  76. Help With Starting issues
  77. LCD radio display change notes (with pictures)
  78. Finally! LCD radio display change video
  79. Did my transmission just die?
  80. All power windows out! Please help
  81. Greeting another Fit on Pick Your Part!
  82. Car wonít go into Park
  83. Bearing for an idler roller
  84. GD3 7 Speed Mode not working
  85. Your Favorite Brake Pads?
  86. Brake making grinding sound while driving, skipping while braking, car pulls to the s
  87. Coolant circulation in GD3
  88. Found a starter replacement video (Check his channel!)
  89. Junk yard visit: accessing starter
  90. Part # or hose ID please
  91. USA/Canada vs Mexican Brake pads?
  92. Window switch?
  93. **Aftermarket Advice**
  94. Transmission fluid
  95. How long did your 100 month battery last?
  96. GD Engine removal with no hoist - remove from top or bottom?
  97. 02 ep3 si seats installed in my 07 fit sport
  99. 2001 ep3 si seats installed in my 2007 fit sport pics included
  100. Drivability issue help?
  101. How many miles is too much?
  102. This bag did not save the driver (wrecked Fit)
  103. Battery quesion....
  104. Running w/ Unplugged EGR
  105. Which 02 sensor
  106. P0304 Misfire - HELP!!!
  107. SmartCard Key
  108. '08 Shudders, Loses Power When Starting Up
  109. Inside of the throttle body (pictures in Doc file)
  110. AC works for the first couple of minutes
  111. 2003 Honda Fit valve adjustment?
  112. Are the Jdm chrome door handles for the GD3 plastic or aluminum?
  113. How are your license plate placed on your GD3 trunk
  114. The Honda Rust Spot
  115. Door locks on the fritz
  116. Hello, long time lurker, '08 Honda Fit getting older
  117. I wonder if the 6 speed manual can be replace with the factory 5 speed manual
  118. What is our 16450-PWC-J01 Fuel Injector flow rate?
  119. Diagnose of random low idle speed (engine warm)
  120. New idler pulley - Febest 0387-GD
  121. High Mileage Items to Watch, Replace?
  122. Scangauge II is saying my Fit is averaging 15 mpg, LOL
  123. Looking at a 1st Gen Fit. Common issues?
  124. Help diagnose this rattle (CVT in Drive when stationary)
  125. Dashboard Flickering
  126. 1st gen honda insight wheels
  127. ABS/brake light
  128. Ktuned Universal harness
  129. Turning the backseat area into a storage area
  130. 2007 fit service manual
  131. Noise front right
  132. My Fit has some quirks...
  133. Need some help please - Seicane
  134. Experimental drum brake job (to test a tool)
  135. Turbo Install questions
  136. Clutch not Springing Back??!
  137. '07 MT front bushing WTF?
  138. Purchasing a 2008 Fit
  139. Newbie
  140. 07 GD3 High revs low acceleration. 45 MPH fifth gear
  141. Won't start Code 61-1
  142. Assistance on Cruise Control, Please
  143. do 2015 honda fit tires fit on 2007 honda fit
  144. Info on DBW setup
  145. New member questions
  146. Transmission fluid
  147. Whatís this?
  148. L13a egr
  149. 2007 fit a/c cold and warm
  150. Blitz Throttle Controller = Weeeeeeee
  151. Another junk yard practice (including tearing down a/c condenser fan
  152. Transaxle Stress Cracks?
  153. 2008 Honda Fit Sport keep or set free
  154. Odd engine noise when accelerating
  155. rear door parts??
  156. 08 Honda Fit ECO gearing swap
  157. Is there a go-to roof rack people like?
  158. Tein Flex Z on a GD3
  159. Canít disarm factory alarm with spare key w/out remote - HEL
  160. 2007 Honda Fit Starter Bolt
  161. Part # ID
  162. Automatic lock feature on 2007 Fit?
  163. How do I post/link video to ff?
  164. 08 Manual Transmission Fluid change
  165. Towing a small trainer with 08 Fit
  166. rear suspension springs (Upgrade?)
  167. This is a knock, right?
  168. Help me identify this connector
  169. Omex limiters
  170. Any suggestions on a repair for a key fob?
  171. Issues with power lock and window in one door only
  172. Race Thread?
  173. 230k miles - replace gas filter?
  174. 2008 Fit AC Problem
  175. 07 Can't Get it Started
  176. I'm back baby!!
  177. New brakes
  178. Recurring problems with CEL and Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor #2
  179. 2008 Honda Fit Sport IAC location?!
  180. Racing scca autocross h street need suspension advice
  181. Honda fit 2002 gd3 L15A vtec engine information about
  182. Any recommendations of new tires?
  183. Sideview mirror glass cracked HELP
  184. Lifting my fit
  185. Challenge: Identify this missing fastener (front door hinge)
  186. D17 Honda Fit/Jazz
  187. USDM J's Racing front lip
  188. The dead pedal issue again...
  189. Is My Fit Dying Loud Knocking
  190. Parts for a 2003 Honda Fit
  191. Axle problems??
  192. New (Old) Fit owner with suspension questions (not lowering)
  193. JDM Red Honda Badge size
  194. Second, 1st gen
  195. 07 fit sport stalls after driving 30 minutes
  196. High mileage maintenance questions
  197. Check your condenser fan / Easy how to replace condenser fan
  198. GD Bargains and Finds
  199. Progress Rear Sway Bar - Review for GD3
  200. Best way to do rear brakes
  201. Inside of a/c and defrost switch
  202. Cowl Scoop, Air Scoop
  203. Any aftermarket bumper for USDM GD?
  204. How do I replace the condenser fan in my 08?
  205. Brake rotor replacement
  206. AC works... for a few minutes after a cold start
  207. Clicking sound when gas pedal is depressed
  208. Looking for certain fuse
  209. Info needed Gd1 k swap fit/jazz
  210. Question about installing front brake calipers
  211. Are OEM Shocks Really the Best if I'm Not Racing?
  212. OEM -01 Brake pads after 45,000 miles
  213. 2008 AC condenser fan doesn't spin, but AC works for a while.
  214. Junk yard practice: windshield wiper linkage and dog poo in the car:)
  215. Honda Jazz 07 - Hazard buzzing sound problem
  216. Flashing dash and rear brake lights
  217. Aftermarket Alarm wonít stop going off
  218. 07 fit misfire at idle with AC on.
  219. Turbocharged GD
  220. Sticky Hatch Latch - Low Tech Fix
  221. A/C compessor drag after adding freon
  222. Where is the fuel pump relay?
  223. 07 Sport Key Separated From Fob...
  224. Air conditioning issues
  225. 2010 shocks on 2007 GD
  226. Sun Visor's adaptability Question
  227. Are GD and GE coilovers interchangeable?
  228. Sport vs Base tire size
  229. Rpm 4k at 80kmph
  230. High pitched whsitle sound when accelerating ?
  231. Problem with a cvt gear box
  232. GD3868EW Air Conditioning
  233. floppy Visor fix
  234. Can't release hatch latch - Handle OK
  235. Help buying a 2007 Fit
  236. New member introduction
  237. 2007 Honda Fit Headlight Bulb Replacement
  238. P0420
  239. 2007 Misfire and O2 Sensor
  240. Car misfire once or twice a week
  241. 2007 Fit front coil spring broken trouble sourcing replacement
  242. 2007 Fit FUSE #3 keeps blowing
  243. 2007 fit drove up from south of border
  244. OEM Part Dealer?
  245. Possible Strange Electric Problem?
  246. RIP fit
  247. When does your gas light come on?
  248. Fit 2008 GD3: looking for original Windshield Wiper Arms
  249. Car misfire under load
  250. Slow start when engine is warm (03 GD01 I-DSI)
  251. 5th gear swap?
  252. Can I swap the complete gd3 08 front to my Fit gd1 jdm 2004?
  253. Finally joined Fitfreak!
  254. Hood deflector
  255. Thinking of buying a Honda Jazz Sport (UK)... Questions on modding parts...
  256. What is the horrific sound my 2007 is making?
  257. brake light/tail light bulb
  258. Cold Start Stumble.
  259. Thrown rod or collision damage?
  260. coolant temperature stays on even before engine warms up
  261. Blown fuse?
  262. Whats the purpose of this white plastic in the door? size speakers in front?
  263. fit does not start and scan tool cannot connect to.find the issue
  264. fit does not start
  265. Power to back up camera monitor?
  266. What do these two (always on) idiot lights telling me?
  267. Steering jerking at high speeds
  268. CODE P2646, no accerlaration after 3,500 rpm Help
  269. Missing rear left seat belt buckle and center anchor
  270. Are the brakes the same in 2003 as in 2007?
  271. 2008 Honda Fit battery light
  272. Help: Trying to replace stut mounts and stuck.
  273. missing rear hatch internal grip
  274. Auto GD3
  275. Fit hesitating, twitching and stalling in low RPM under load - video included
  276. Help with ABS and Check Engine Light on
  277. Remote unlocking stopped working after dashboard swap
  278. durable struts
  279. Where is sensor for dash lights?
  280. It's not the coilpacks, it's the ignition boots insides
  281. Dead Pedal for GD - Questions and Interest?
  282. Help please... Input shaft bearings or?
  283. '08 Fit Hood Latch
  284. At my wits end with my 08 Fit Sport
  285. Swapped CAT / Loud & Rattling
  286. Hondata Flashpro User Info
  287. Honda Jazz GE steering wheel on Honda Fit GD1
  288. Revs staying high when flooring it?
  289. wheels for 2004 Jazz (UK) (GD)
  290. Headlights do not come on when turning the ignition key.
  291. And all at once it all went crazy....
  292. Accessory Socket Dies When Phone Plugged In
  293. Fans going nuts after coolant flush!
  294. Local Sale. Toronto. Tires mounted on alloys.
  295. DIY power outlet for the rear area
  296. Fit gone. Complete Manuals and parts F/S
  297. Go to dealer or mechanic if alt/battery problems? and could that cause fan problems?
  298. Honda service
  299. Honda Access Trunk Tray
  300. Car not changing
  301. Oil change question.
  302. Help!!
  303. Gd1 l13a1 turno suggetions
  304. Wtb gd sideskirts
  305. Leaking Rain/Water In Cabin
  306. Said Bye-Bye to the Fit this weekend...
  307. Swapping GD3 tailgate onto my GD1
  308. door water leak. Service Bulletin
  309. Part numbers for Clutch Master and Slave Cylinder on GD1
  310. Dying Alternator? 2007 Fit
  311. Gas Mileage Concern
  312. Ignition key not turning/Steering wheel locked - Tried everything I can think of
  313. Readiness Monitor set question
  314. 1st gen totalled. Shopping. Is 2nd gen better?
  315. Ep3 seats into GD
  316. Bypass AC compressor 2007 Fit
  317. 08 Manual Trans question(s)
  318. Valves adjusted
  319. Battery Replacement Options
  320. Front brake caliper problem
  321. Radio Problem - NO CODE message
  322. K Swap Miami
  323. Car jerking when shifting to D or R
  324. Oh Goody, a new noise
  325. Any places I should check for a water leak? (wet rear seats)
  326. 2003 fit gd3 D blinking, speedo doesnt work.
  327. Best Brake Pads
  328. DIY valve adjustments
  329. Strange noise from my Fit when the rear windows are down
  330. Whining/weezing sound but only when accelerator is presse and car is moving.
  331. totalled. favorite car ever. saved my ass
  332. Window washer questiopn
  333. Dying in the cold
  334. PICTURE REQUEST: J's Racing GD3
  335. Shock/strut replacement - anything else I should do at the same time?
  336. Will a Sport front bumper fit a base (2007)?
  337. Will a Sport front bumper fit a base (2007)?
  338. Starter Going or...?
  339. Why no gauge cluster?
  340. Starter Suddenly Quits In The Cold?
  341. If no Fits, then what?
  342. HELP! Other jack points for front.
  343. jerking helpp
  344. How i reset ECU ?gd3
  345. 1st Gen found in my care
  346. A hairline crack may cause spark plug to came loose
  347. P0848 right after Dealer's ATF change
  348. Amazon coilovers
  349. Check Engine Light flashing intermittently - help!
  350. 2007 Fit AUX Input Volume got really quiet
  351. Bad TPMS controller or ?
  352. my car jerking while acceleration and loosing RPM
  353. 2002 Fit Funny alternator issue?
  354. 2007 Honda fit P301 misfire driving me nuts!
  355. 2007 Honda fit - Location of Camshaft position sensor (37510-pnb-003)
  356. Multiple Questions in one
  357. Cruise Control Cutting Out
  358. 2007 Honda Fit Map Sensor
  359. Base vs Sport - differences (GD)
  360. My 2007 Fit is dead. Totaled.
  361. Fit gd1 central locking not working
  362. Sold my 2008 Fit
  363. Need help gd3 spoon template
  364. "Mode Control Dial" broke
  365. Question about AC compressor
  366. 2007 Fit Clutch Noise Identification
  367. shocks/camber/tires/wheels
  368. Brake Issue Fixed
  369. 07, Struggling with multiple misfire codes
  370. Car crank but no start.
  371. Electrical repair (tailgate harness connector) lesson learned
  372. 07 Fit Sport engine whine. Need ideas
  373. Ocassional jolt, is it electrical?
  374. gd3 real mugen grill
  375. My Fit makes a clicking( ta ta) sound as a switch on the ac and start going forward.
  376. 2008 Honda Fit Sport | Squeal while driving only
  377. Idle bounces with AC on
  378. P0420 Code after valve adjustment
  379. Tailgate Gas Struts - Please Give Me Good News!
  380. P2A00 after changing upstream A/F sensor
  381. Alternative jacking points
  382. Glove box Rattle
  383. Honda Fit 2007 very sick
  384. Advise needed : Honda Fit is sick
  385. Rear Shock Tower Mount Q
  386. Wet Floors & Trunk
  387. Gas inlet cut
  388. Broken axel
  389. Door locks not activating by alarm.
  390. Hiding compartment in the door panel?
  391. Suspension Clunk - Strut Mount?
  392. "Normal" Catalyst Monitor values for 2008 GD3?
  393. How do I get 40 mpg?
  394. P0301-0300-0302-0303
  395. Pending Coil Problem Then Sudden Engine Shutdown... won't start... cannot read OBD2
  396. Replaced bad ignition Coil and still stutters, help
  397. Trans input shaft failure?
  398. Goodbye, Fitty-Cent. :-(
  399. Immobilizer issue
  400. EPS Replacement
  401. Change ball joint or whole lower control arm
  402. Odd "clicking" on acceleration
  403. Our GD Build Thread
  404. help!! 2008 fit sport rattle
  405. Where does cargo light connector come from?
  406. Seat Belt Upgrade?
  407. Parts for 2004 L15A Manual.
  408. ABS seems to enable when slowing to a stop
  409. Same car, two shops, 2 different alignment readings
  410. CVT knocking,delay and strong vibration from cold start
  411. Leftover part
  412. Radiator fan
  413. Another bad discovery (windshield wiper linkage)
  414. Throw out bearing issue
  415. Power Steering (Torque Neutral Programming)
  416. Any shops ever run an alignment special?
  417. Which GD do I have?
  418. Honda Fit 2007 GD3 ESM
  419. Valve Adjusting soon
  420. Outer tie rod end boots onĖcar replacement
  421. Side Mirror Assembly replace on 2008, 1st G
  422. Anyone break an ignition coil?
  423. How do you reset the oil/maintance display?
  424. 2004 Honda jazz Front turn signal replacement
  425. 2004 Honda jazz Front turn signal replacement
  426. 2007 Fit making strange noise when coasting
  427. My Fit was drowned in a flood...waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh
  428. Your Experience with EPS(Electrical Power Steering)
  429. GD3 OEM radio screen digits fading out??
  430. Is this a good price for ignition coils?
  431. 200k Preventive Maintenance
  432. Engine mounts! Any recommendations?...
  433. P0302 Code | Start With The Coil?
  434. Power window problem
  435. Fit Aria 2005 Cigarette Lighter outlet replacement
  436. 5speed Stuck in Neutral
  437. Multiple leaks in trunk
  438. Oil Pressure Sensor Location on GD1
  439. how to convert emanage blue to ecu gd3
  440. Driver's airbag recall...pending?
  441. Idle revs dropping, car jerking when stopped in 'D'
  442. Location of clutch bleeder screw?
  443. Seat Belt icon not light up
  444. Mysterious steering problem! (Fit 2005)
  445. P2646 issue
  446. Any tips or WATCH OUTS for cleaning the engine compartment?
  447. Whats the latest options on replacement headlights?
  448. P0420 Diagnostic steps?
  449. What is everyone doing for base tires these days?
  450. List of To Do for 07 with ~200k manual
  451. Can't find Pollen Filter
  452. Couple of questions, actually
  453. Tore my CV boot.... Are Left-right outer boots the same?
  454. 1st Gen Fit engine swap performance thread
  455. Recall/service campaign SRS occupancy sensor?
  456. Clutch shudder -- let's revisit please
  457. Door locks only work at certain times
  458. Newly installed AC cooling fan won't turn on
  459. Fuse #3 blowing
  460. Key Less Entry 2008 Fit LX
  461. Bogging Down With A/C On
  462. 2002 Fit acceleration issues
  463. Installing 3rd party alarm on GD1
  464. Salvaging the brackets on the rear hatch struts
  465. Electric power steering really acting up
  466. Rotten egg smell (new finding and paranoia:)
  467. Help Me Pick Suspension
  468. Drive axle installation
  469. Rear wheel bearing hub - which one to buy in the US ? (for a Japanese car from EU)
  470. Best Rear Hatch Struts?
  471. Online manuals available
  472. Recover lost power? ~230k miles
  473. My hatch is not locking (noob)
  474. Rear hatch won't open
  475. Code on key for '07 or '08?
  476. Looking for rear bumper
  477. 2007 Honda Fit engine noise *please listen to the video'*
  478. FIT LED 3rd brake light - anyone have one?
  479. Electrical issues?
  480. 2007 Fit/Starts - Won't Move
  481. Constant squealing while driving/idling
  482. High speeds
  483. High speeds
  484. coolant drain bolt to engine
  485. Honda Fit GD-3 (2003) Wiring Diagram
  486. Mis-Like with AC running
  487. Wiring Schamatic A/C System
  488. Strange voltage issue
  489. Buying 2007 Fit
  490. Power window modification
  491. Can a eg spoiler fit on my jazz gd1
  492. Rear headrest missing - my first post!
  494. Replace oil pan
  495. Is this normal ? 2007 JDM GD3 M/T
  496. Door Locks Won't Work Anymore.... yes, I checked fuses
  497. low voltage codes: what v is normal?
  498. GD2 parts search
  499. gauging any interest in rear strut bar & sway bar
  500. Power Steering Intermittently Working