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  1. 2008 Fit-Best Sound Deadener and Location
  2. Thoughts on this Bluetooth kit?
  3. Modification to carry a wheelchair
  4. Replace cargo area plastic wheel covers?
  5. PKE/Remote Start/Push-button Ignition
  6. GD3 Seat Covers
  7. Front Windshield Tints WITH sunshade?
  8. Headliner Removal Question!
  9. RA123 Razo GT Spec Shift Knob
  10. TCS steering spacer installation.... Tall guys, Track guys, GD owners....LOOK!
  11. Phone Tray for the space between the dash and cupholders
  12. Uncomfortable drivers and passenger seat
  13. [GK] Starter button hole cover.
  14. Non-invasive soundproofing
  15. carpet removal/ spray liner
  16. Steering wheel peeling
  17. Carpet / Floor modification 07 Fit Sport 1st Gen...
  18. Tapping reverse gear signal for headunit
  19. Looking for DIY armrest for 2007 Fit Sport
  20. DIY 07-08 Fit Steering Wheel Emblem Replacement
  21. Hdmi from phone to head unit
  22. LF: Driver Recaro Seat .Rails and set ups
  23. 09 fit
  24. Question about Aux input on 2010 FiT Sport Head Unit
  25. Added 2nd Shelf below cover
  26. No Hood... but ride like a G'... i can See!
  27. Extending Front Seat Rails?
  28. 12V outlet in the trunk?
  29. Shiny decorations on Dash & Wheel
  30. GD seats options?
  31. Removal of rear seats
  32. Help needed in replacing original audio player
  33. Bigger Fuel Tank?
  34. Install satellite radio in a Fit Sport?
  35. Hi from Bean Garage on Holiday Discount on Clazzio
  36. 2011 Honda Fit Mods: Where to start?
  37. Has anyone tried moving the dashboard in the 2012 GE?
  38. Help replacing gk5 6MT shifter knob
  39. Hack a Physical Volume Knob onto my 2015EX
  40. Question
  41. Clazzio Covers from Automotive Interiors
  42. Where to buy armrest in Canada
  43. Radio Swap
  44. Cruse control question
  45. Aftermarket Tachometer Install **Need Help!!!**
  46. Problems with channel button on steering wheel
  47. DIY Lightweight & Cheap bucket seat and brackets for racing
  48. Karcepts Bringing Back WHITE Delrin Shift Knob
  49. Factory reversing camera compatibility
  50. help me buy the correct harness for my aftermarket stereo
  51. DIY 2015 honda fit cargo cover
  52. Has anyone put components in the back doors?
  53. RSX/EP3 Steering wheel
  54. Screw Terminals
  55. Need some basic help with sub tuning
  56. I found very interesting things for the Fit... need feedback
  57. what size is your aftermarket steering wheel?
  58. Jdm GD1
  59. Extremely Bright 7.5W High Power 912 921 LED Reverse Light Bulbs
  60. Base GD3 Keyless Entry, any alternatives?
  61. Just Another Remote Garage Door Opener Thread
  62. Stock Honda Gd Keyless system + aftermarket PTS system
  63. DIY: Rostra cruise control with OEM buttons on base 2007 A/T USDM
  64. 2007 Fit factory alarm question
  65. HDMI use while driving
  66. JDM roof storage template
  67. aftermarket radio
  68. New Sound!!!!! New Look!!!!!
  69. 2010 Honda Fit satellite wiring issue
  70. Found this awesome fit pedals
  71. 2008 OEM Interior switch????
  72. Clazzio vs. Katzken seats
  73. Add AUX to for $8
  74. 2010 LED Replacements
  75. Re-painting interior dash panels
  76. Left Front channel is out - ideas?
  77. PIAA Sport horn (500/600) - bye bye Accord horn
  78. UK Jazz - Sat Nav system
  79. Parts for custom MT shift knob on 2015 Fit
  80. Wiring diagram for JDM or Euro gauge clusters?
  81. Shift knob recommendation?
  82. power outlet always hot
  83. OEM Car Audio Problems - Speakers go mute
  84. Any way to increase the leg room of a 2015 Fit?
  85. $400 tine quote
  86. need advice : best place/position to put on an engine start button on GE8 dash?
  87. under dash foot well leds need help
  88. Installed Fat Mat sound deadener - 2013 Fit
  89. Help! Any other dead pedals for '07??
  90. power pack amp w/ stock HU
  91. Air conditioning and head unit
  92. Rearview mirror replacement?
  93. Help: Cluster Plug / Pin Wire Removal
  94. PMLIT License Plate Lights
  95. Fitting Si seats into GD
  96. Will these components' tweeters fit in the 2013 Sport?
  97. Racaro SPG
  98. Need a new (non-JDM/red) steering wheel emblem?
  99. Solution for Lack of Driver's Seat Height Adjustment?
  100. Keep spare tire sub box suggestion
  101. JDM Honda Access door sills for Honda Fit GD
  102. Instrumental panel gauge
  103. Separating seat-cover glue for heated seat installation
  104. Sane/sensible to mod a jut-out in Fit interior panelling?
  105. Unknown dock mounted in my dash hood
  106. DIY Window Tinting?
  107. At last Finish upgrading sound system
  108. Remove back seats?
  109. Do you think i could fit my Old floor mats
  110. Sub placement?
  111. Where to get power for heated seats?
  112. new member ask for help
  113. New Radio
  114. Is it possible to install a switch that turns off passenger airbag?
  115. Broke the A/C vent post
  116. riding high
  117. This amp with this sub?
  118. 07 Fit: How to install amps and keep storage space
  119. WTA : swap the chime/beeper "beep beep beep beep" sound to "ding dong" sound
  120. New Radio
  121. Is it possible to mod the power window main switch?
  122. For anyone interested in Squash Air Freshener
  123. Line Output Converter for OEM stereo
  124. Amp RCA problem. Solution?
  125. Depinning wiring harness
  126. New Speaker Noise and speaker shut off after installation
  127. Rear speaker install help ??
  128. NeverWet
  129. Easiest route from engine to the interior
  130. map lights
  131. Kicker Amps?
  132. OEM or Aftermarket???
  133. Shift lever extension
  134. 09 Fit audio plans
  135. Hatchback's GD3 sound output only subar after upgrade...disappointing
  136. 6" touchscreen 10" screens custom 12" sub box completed
  137. Worth puting Clifford 20.5x 2 way on 2010 fit?
  138. Horrible rattle off rear hatch plastic any1 else?
  139. Found this site anyone buy from it?
  140. USB Jump Drive music playback?
  141. Questions For Clazzio Seat Cover Owners
  142. Does anyone get song info to display via Bluetooth?
  143. Easy PnP Aux In
  144. Shift boot question
  145. Change LCD color of stock head unit
  146. civic si seats
  147. What are the stock wires like?
  148. Fit GD1 2002 speedometer change
  149. I want to wire my phone charger to be on with acces. What is the easiest way?
  150. Confirmation for map light wiring, please
  151. New Hole for Front Seat Washer Lift?
  152. Question re: OEM navi dash trim "kit"
  153. Match the bass from a factory Ford Mach system (36Hz)?
  154. 5 channel vs 3 channel audio setup
  155. Need Recommendations
  156. Questions about Fit Navigation/phone integration
  157. JDM armrest repair help, PLEASE!!
  158. 07 Fit - 4 Lanzar 10's Ported - With Video
  159. Speaker wires for front component speakers?
  160. Sun Visors: any ideas appreciated
  161. UK 2005 Jazz New Front Speakers
  162. 07 fit shift boot
  163. Stock Fit Sport crossover question
  164. Honda fit Touch up painting..
  165. Tachometer and Fuel gauge needle faulty
  166. Determining where to place soundproofing material?
  167. 2005 Jazz CVT - Sony Head Unit & Steering Controls?
  168. Any one tried this armrest
  169. Steering Wheel Controls 2013 Fit Sport
  170. Need help finding wiring for two amps
  171. Part number/link to fasteners for interior kick panel?
  172. Help: Removing Rear Footwell Carpet (2008)
  173. Rear view Mirrow w temperature?
  174. Will 08 Fit Sport head unit fit in dash of 08 Fit Base?
  175. 2012 fit seats are awful
  176. Bt35-hon
  177. Recommend shifter/knob
  178. Need more 12V sockets, and/or USB outlets?
  179. WeatherTech floor mat, 2013 Fit
  180. I need your help!
  181. DIY GD1/3 - CHROME s/w emblem to MAT black
  182. Anybody interested in 03 Civic leather seats?
  183. HELP! Choosing Amp
  184. Can I move the oem front speakers to the rear? After upgrading the fronts
  185. (Nardi) Steering wheel hub Q
  186. rcomendation or stay away from business that do good work in the cleveland Ohio Area.
  187. Best Kits
  188. Second Scosche kit still rattles
  189. Clazzios+Protectant == Ok?
  190. Driver speaker sounds bad? Read this before replacing.
  191. Front staging - does anyone do center channels anymore?
  192. rear speakers output
  193. Dash kit question
  194. Trunk Space
  195. GROM audio USB/IPOD adapter in my Jazz.
  196. Left arm/elbow gel padding/rest?
  197. DIY GE8 Cargo Cover (Lots of Pics)
  198. Where to place my amp
  199. Where to pry to remove dome and map light covers?
  200. Fit '07 AC equiped Audio head removal.
  201. Led Interior Lighting Kits ( prefer blue)
  202. XM Satellite Tuner Install...
  203. Lower Priced Seat Covers for a 2012?
  204. 07 Fit 12v switched power source
  205. plastic washer?
  206. Type R steering wheel emblem
  207. Fit battery life
  208. Will 2006 HU's fit 03 Jazz/Fit?
  209. Recommend some head units!
  210. ap1/ap2 Seats
  211. Kicker DS6.2
  212. Steering wheel controls with aftermarket navi
  213. Passenger side airbag??
  214. How to replace door speaker video 2012 Fit
  215. Dome light question
  216. Anyone used or heard of this product?
  217. chrome door lock knobs :)
  218. Guess at sensitivity of factory speakers?
  219. PVC plastic products (seat covers) outgas poisons
  220. Stock radio + subwoofers, untold story....
  221. Interest in carbon fiber parts?
  222. Rear view mirror?
  223. Good Price on JVC KW-R800BT for Military Members
  224. Having a strange audio issue...
  225. is this a decent dash kit
  226. Mugen Power Shift Knob (Dildo)
  227. JDM Honda Vent Control Stickers
  228. what alarm should i get ?
  229. New Pioneer head unit radio reception is AWFUL!
  230. center console
  231. Car audio wires / KnuKonceptz
  232. Pino Intelligent Navigation-World's First Honda-Fit Intelligent Navigation System 7 I
  233. Anyone have a Razo RA96 Shift Knob?
  234. Fusa
  235. Has anyone installed 2008 Civic Si seats in their Fit?
  236. Fixing Civic Type R (JDM) Seats using stock rails
  237. Continuous power supply
  238. Found the center console but I have a question
  239. 2012 Dashmount
  240. can are cars handle double dins in hot temps
  241. Great Deal on Genuine Honda Fit all weather floormats!!! GE8
  242. Elemmats and Beasts?
  243. A REAL battery for GD's & GE's
  244. after new head unit installed srs light on ???
  245. Moddiction Anvil Stainless Steel Shift Knob
  246. Speaker Upgrade
  247. Help with different sound deadening products
  248. Need to know what the stock wiring looks like behind head unit I have a issue
  249. replacing head unit and keeping USB input inside glovebox usable?
  250. Changing head unit and keeping USB cable inside glovebox usable?
  251. SRS Resistor delete
  252. so I trieds to install speakers and hu and failed this is imposible
  253. anyone speed wire can it handle my amp stock wires
  254. can i put 5.25 inch speakers in the fit will is sound cleaner than 6.5
  255. crutchfield includes speaker bracket. do i still have to drill
  256. anyone have a crutchfield referal code first time buyer here
  257. do u need to have a double din in the fit
  258. Anyone have actual pics of door speakers installed?
  259. Carbon Fiber Wrap Install on Radio Surround from Headlight Armor
  260. '09 and up sub enclosure..
  261. What shift knob are you using?
  262. Fit radio code
  263. Show me your Map Lights
  264. having some electrical issues.... help?!
  265. My Stealthish Install w/pics
  266. help removing dashboard
  267. armrest console
  268. Steering wheel wrap for 07 sport?
  269. Audio Project in the works.
  270. Why does the Thermal Protection on my power amp keep kicking on?
  271. Speaker upgrade in EDM GD3
  272. Marine stereo in a car?
  273. Center armrest
  274. I think i'm done... perfect setup
  275. Post your Clazzio Seat Covers - Let's see the color combos out there
  276. Need audio recommendations for 1st time install.
  277. Help Installing UBT101 Bluetooth Module
  278. Which sub would work better for this amp? This is a bit overwhelming for me
  279. Subs under rear seats
  280. Aux power
  281. Broken Aux Input Jack?
  282. Question. Viper Remote Start Vs Original Alarm ?
  283. My Buylist, can soemone review and perhaps give any recommendations?
  284. What type/ size of speakers are in Honda Fit 2002 (Japan)?
  285. How can I replace the factory cd-player in Honda Fit 2002
  286. Honda Fit keylock problem
  287. "Mod" the USB port to make it act strictly as an "Aux in" port? (2012 Fit)
  288. Single 12 Moving Some Air with Some SQ as well.
  289. Pioneer AVH-P2300DVD
  290. GD Head Unit
  291. No audio output when it rains
  292. Question regarding Rockford Fosgate PEQ
  293. Had to mod the doors a lil bit
  294. Its coming along !
  295. Custom shift knob for AUTOMATIC tansmission...you HAVE to see this!!!
  296. Steering Wheel with voice recognition control and Kenwood DNX 9980 HD
  297. iPhone Users Rejoice!! Oxygen Audio O'Car w/pics/vid
  298. began my stereo upgrade '10 fit
  299. JL TW5 Shallow 13.5 Sub
  300. Newb to forums
  301. Question: M/T silver shift ring
  302. Spoon Blue Rear View Mirror Fitment
  303. SxExCx Project: Spare tire sub enclosure
  304. Clazzio seat covers pic wanted!
  305. All I wanted was a pepsy... I mean, a subwoofer
  306. Sub install with a rear strut
  307. Where to hide huge crossovers!
  308. Change way fuel consumption is displayed
  309. DIY Side Sun visors!
  310. A few recent Custom Clazzio seat cover order pics
  311. Decent deal for a single sub
  312. Sub install complete - Finally!
  313. Where to put my powered sub?
  314. Change fuel consumption display
  315. js steering
  316. GE8 vanity mirror work for GD3?
  317. need approval that this sound system setup will work!!
  318. Size of speakers on 2007 LX
  319. Deep cycle battery for a 2010 Fit or other solution?
  320. replace HUD on RHD Fit (Jazz)
  321. Factory interior lighting ( what a joke)
  322. Pioneer Ipod adaptor or cable?
  323. Usings a computer PSU to power a car amplifier and sub (not car related)
  324. Relocate Amp 2009 Fit Sport
  325. Rear view mirror vibration dampener
  326. iPad in a Fit, anyone?
  327. Installed Pionner AVH-P6000DVD w/ Scoshe kit
  328. Clazzio leather seat covers: quality, installation questions
  329. i want racing seats
  330. Running RCA cables?
  331. Wanting to Upgrade my Radio to newer radio
  332. Help needed to clean seat mess
  333. So you want bass with little space?
  334. Wiring Rear View Camera???
  335. Need Metra double DIN brackets.
  336. Harness bar??
  337. Checkered floor mats
  338. '11 steering wheel modification ???
  339. Need radio code!!!
  340. Back Up camera suggestions???
  341. My Fit Audio Build Journal
  342. Speaker Help!!!!!
  343. Door panels - Customization?
  344. need help in keyless install!!!
  345. Engine noise ....HU problems
  346. does dash mat absorb sound?
  347. 07 Fit With No Audio
  348. Best place to mount an amp?
  349. replacement tweeters
  350. Awesome!!! Interior trim kit
  351. How (and how much) can I get a console
  352. Good deal on some component speakers
  353. will these speakers fit in my gd3?
  354. wear holes in carpet
  355. Front speakers + amp, or 4 speakers?
  356. Recs on in-dash GPS double din HU
  357. What USB interface are you GD owners using?
  358. wanting to remove my tints?
  359. Which kit will fit properly "Scosche Kit or Metra Kit"
  360. 09 Fit sport & ipod shuffle says "unsupported"?
  361. Help deciding on Clazzio color
  362. 3 - 10's in a Fit?
  363. Bad Boy Air Horns Upgrade - Sacman's Install
  364. GD3: Radio Reception problem FIX
  365. Garmin Vehicle Ride - change now to a Fit
  366. Cargo cover and bass ?
  367. RSX seats in a Fit (GD3) with pictures!
  368. 8 Sheets RaamMat - Southern California
  369. Thinking of installing new Audio Deck --JVC KW-XR810 -- advice?
  370. Anyone did GE's usb music link on GD?
  371. Tester needed- DecalDude shifter base bushings
  372. speaker size
  373. Will the Metra BT-1722A for with 08 fit Sports?
  374. Review - GD3 Scosche Alpine IXA-w404 (and broadway 240 blue flat)
  375. Need some subwoofer advise quick fast and in a hurry
  376. Double TouchScreen install Help (how different compared to regular stereo)
  377. GE8 Seats into GD3???
  378. Phantom Footprint
  379. Battery Question
  380. Beat Sonic Shark Fin -- Cheap
  381. Sub amp install with base GE headunit?
  382. h-fit short shifter with revo technica short throw
  383. MLV source in Southern California/Los Angeles?
  384. Torque Solution Shifter Bushings...?
  385. USB Flash Drive Tools
  386. USB Flash Drive Tools
  387. Sub work up
  388. iPod Adapter
  389. Aux Port Cover?
  390. Seat Harness mouting points
  391. In Dash GPS Units
  392. Issue with AUX
  393. Steering wheel hub question
  394. Best place to run cables through MT GD firewall?
  395. honda jazz 2006 new audio system
  396. H-Fit vs strut king hard shifter bushings
  397. In Need of: Push to Start Write Up
  398. GD3 speaker upgrades?
  399. Making the accessory socket always hot
  400. Sherwood Trim Kit, anyone have any experience?
  401. give me a straight answer..
  402. Should I keep the stock HU or not
  403. Show off your custom ICE
  404. big sub in the fit :)
  405. weathertech
  406. Thinking about just re-tinting the back part of the car, is this a good price?
  407. Dismantling car stereo!!
  408. HELP! advice in wiring plz
  409. New sub enclsure pics and link to build up!
  410. Quick little vid of stereo setup :)
  411. 06-09 Si seats in the ge8?
  412. amplified subwoofer help for an 08
  413. Brass shift knob
  414. Spoon AT shift knob
  415. Antenna ripped off (repair?)
  416. Racing seats
  417. VIPER 5901 Remote Start
  418. T1R Bucket and Reclining Seats! **In stock NOW!**
  419. Titanium Shift Knobs
  420. Question about Clazzio covers...
  422. Radio Fuse #18 keeps blowing
  423. Door Panel Removal
  424. Replacement Speaker Suggestions
  425. back up fuse keeps blowing
  426. iPod and Stereo Interface
  427. need help on installing LOC w/bass tube to factory HU
  428. Power requirements - bigger alternator?
  429. Rear View Mirror GPS
  430. Car Alarm
  431. USB Port cable!
  432. LED's light to the Music
  433. How to charge up a capacitor before using!! in power curciut
  434. How to wire in a capcitor to an Amp.
  435. Where can you pull a power wire for your Amp. through the Firewall??
  436. What is up with the ugly antennas.
  437. GD3 Stereo Spkr. Color Code
  438. seat question-installed racing 4 point harness-how to get rid of old stuff?
  439. Sub'n Out the Fit
  440. Vacuum Gauge in a GD Jazz
  441. Help: Aftermarket steering wheel hub
  442. Head Unit install = FUBAR'd AC control?
  443. A pillar pods completed...
  444. Newb mistake
  445. Install question for JL Stealthbox owners regarding spare access
  446. Sound Ordnance B-8PT compact powered sub
  447. Seat bracket question???
  448. Pioneer P3100 bypass
  449. Help with Mugen Racing Pedals (A/T)
  450. J's room Bar
  451. Phoenix Gold
  452. Drunken Navigation System
  453. Best seat covers for my Fit?
  454. Latest iPhone update...
  455. Sub only has RCA inputs and I am using stock radio
  456. How to remove front seatbelt bolt - the inner one.
  457. Aluminum shifter base bushings
  458. Manual shift knob installation
  459. Help!! Need help to install subs!
  460. Help!!!! I need help installing subs
  461. HELP questions about speaker upgrade! THANKS
  462. My own headliner fabric.
  463. Alpine KTP-445?
  464. Head Up Display
  465. Alarm for FIT Sport
  466. good door speakers for lower power?
  467. popped a fuse which one is it ? lol
  468. HOW TO: Add leds into your center console and still look factory
  469. Rear seat entertainment system - Picture thread
  470. aftermarket antenna
  471. Spare wheel sub or boot sub?
  472. OEM 09 shift knob on 07 Fit?
  473. RSX spare tire sub into Fit - Possible?
  474. subwoofer install
  475. Having problems setting up Steering Wheel Control on Navi
  476. need help with stereo upgrade
  477. 2010 cargo cover
  478. Drone ?????
  479. GDs! (and maybe GEs too)... I found a major source of vibration!
  480. Stereo Fascia for a 2002 Jazz
  481. HELP needed with radio antenna
  482. Has anyone tried this Subwoofer ?
  483. hollow sound? (Doors)
  484. Mounting locations?
  485. Factory stereo with sub
  486. Srs airbag removal
  487. Pioneer Introduces Pandora Radio Integration - iPhone App [VIDEO & PICS]
  488. Tall Guy's Guide to Fitting in the Fit (GE specific)
  489. Ambient foot light operation?
  490. Fake alarm system
  491. New fit, dash storage
  492. Upgrade Stock HU (literally)
  493. my fit so far
  494. Changed head unit. Went well!!
  495. Does our OBD2 had fuel pressure sensor?
  496. Stock Dash Paint
  497. Installing a double-DIN head unit in a 2007 Honda Fit
  498. Head Unit Question
  499. Tint: Llumar vs. Suntek
  500. Sub & Amp Rack: VIP