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  1. My first DIY: USB cable modification
  2. DIY: GE Armrest Delete Plug $3
  3. Trim arround dash little window loose
  4. My Seat Belt Webbing replace to Porsche Yellow Color
  5. Front seat fabric, where to get it?
  6. Firewall grommet hole - Can I use this for power cable?
  7. Install android head unit Xtrons TD696AS to GE 2010
  8. DIY Interior Bike Rack
  9. Installed Bride seat in GE8
  10. Removing Seat Airbag Indicator Light (Would this method be possible?)
  11. Ortiz custom pods A-pillar gauges
  12. My Recaro Project
  13. Civic Si Steering Wheel
  14. Amber LCD
  15. In dash DVD: options to limit driver side viewing
  16. Project Yellow Stitching
  17. Defi Gauge/Garage Amis/JDM Fit RS Speedometer Emblem
  18. Leather Handbrake glove
  19. Boot (Trunk) LED Lighting
  20. Leather Steering Wheel Golve/Cover
  21. Would anyone care to make a sticky on 12MY/13MY bulb sizes?
  22. My JDM Fit RED color LED Ambient Lighting
  23. yet another sound deadening thread
  24. Custom LED ambient footwell lighting
  25. OEM Center Armrest Repair
  26. DIY JDM Stream RSZ S PACKAGE Foot Rest
  27. Wiring up gauges
  28. My J's Racing Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel plus Trim
  29. Some Changes :P
  30. Fit 2011 Speakers Question
  31. Sheepskin seat covers
  32. DIY: My JDM LED PLASMACLUSTER Air Purifier Interior Light
  33. honda fit (jazz) sound door seal
  34. Help! Can't install after market E-Brake Handle!
  35. Drivers bottom seat cushion
  36. Armrest extension for 2nd gen Sport
  37. Seat belt cover
  38. DIY: Honda Fit Map Light on with the Dome light mod
  39. Winter floor mats that cover the dead pedal
  40. armrest by the Armrest Kingdom
  41. Floor mat question
  42. Window Tinting and Cargo Cover
  43. Honda Jazz eBay Armrest
  44. Adding CB radio - cable routing for antenna?
  45. Has anyone moved armrest away from seat?
  46. cargo tray
  47. Too bad the stock stereo is so crippled...
  48. [Ask] Cargo Cover
  49. My JDM Interior Enhancements :)
  50. Cargo Tray
  51. [My Review] Honda Fit Genuine Cargo Cover
  52. My Carbon Fiber B Pillar Trim (OEM Honda)
  53. GE8 Coin Holder
  54. Stereo build log in '13 base model
  55. let's see those race seats
  56. Can anyone comment on their satisfaction with the Mugen rear view cover?
  57. Alternator pinout? diode voltage booster!
  58. This B/T is running me crazy. Here's why.
  59. 2015 Front seats fit in 2011 Fit
  60. Seat Covers on 2009 Fit
  61. Possible steering wheel swap
  62. GE8 Carbon Fibre pieces
  63. HFL issue I'm hoping there's a fix for.
  64. Have a 13' Civic Navi vs. 13' FIT navi deck question
  65. where to find complete audio wiring diagrams for the 2012 navigation unit FIT
  66. 12V power in the trunk
  67. Skunk 2 shift knob not fitting right
  68. Center console part question
  69. 2013 Shift Knob Thread Pitch
  70. What to do with Factory radio.
  71. Built my own quick release, powered enclosure
  72. Honda Jazz Sunshades - Euro Accessory
  73. Steering wheel wear: Anyone else get this?
  74. Clazzio covers, now backs seats won't stay up.
  75. Steering Wheel Replacement
  76. Clazzio Conundrum
  77. Removing the seats and creating a cover.
  78. Who went the Bucket seat harness route?
  79. Sunshades for 2010 Fit Sport, anyone seen these?
  80. dome light problem
  81. Getting Power for Laptop / iPad in ACC mode
  82. Do you have Katzkin Leather in your FIT?
  83. 2013 single din iNstall question
  84. Sound processors w/factory nav headunit
  85. JDM Chrome Door Handles
  86. Heater control lighting turned off after radio install Metra harness Need Help
  87. Replacement Manual Pedals
  88. Does anyone have a Infinity Basslink in their FIT?
  89. Silicone pad/mat for doors and cups holders (GE-8)
  90. seatbelt bolt cover?
  91. 2012+ sport interior trim conversion
  92. 2012+ dark dash trim install pictures
  93. DIY: Refrigerated/heated upper glovebox.
  94. speaker fit question
  95. Looking for custom fit seat covers that are Mossy Oak Camo
  96. Instrument Panel mods
  97. Magic Board-any experience?
  98. Does anyone recognize this piece of assembly where the heated seat buttons are?
  99. Best decks/receivers for Honda fit
  100. Does anyone have this 2010 roll up cargo cover?
  101. OEM center console doesn't come in black for the 2013 Sport model??
  102. Would it be possible to modify the seat belt receiver - maybe make it "floppy"? -
  103. honda fit 2012 interior vinyl...help
  104. Vacuum Gauge on GE8
  105. Backup camera - How did you run the wiring?
  106. Has anyone thought of doing a foamectomy to the stock seats?
  107. Need Help Please! Sub/Amp with lots of pictures
  108. 2010 Si seats into 2009 Honda Fit (with working OPDS sensor)
  109. A simple cupholder mod for the GE
  110. need help DIY alarm horn change (Jazz Indonesian Domestic Market)
  111. Sound deadening advice please.
  112. Finally finish my Chinese Navigation with back camera~~
  113. Newbie / Hands free calls?
  114. Poll: Recaro SR-7 ASM Ruby Limited vs. SR-7 Evolution
  115. Quick speaker wiring question
  116. Upgrade? Worn out factory OE Honda Fit All-Weather mats
  117. Recaro seat rails?....plus other questions.
  118. Found this on Honda Fit interior
  119. need positive trigger door lock signal
  120. 5sp Reverse gear signal wire for HU camera
  121. Add a voltmeter to the car.
  122. Depinning wiring harness
  123. Australian 09 GE base model steering wheel controls
  124. OEM carbon fiber vs AEM
  125. Bucket seat install
  126. Dash disassembly, no changing colors
  127. Weighted shift Knobs that aren't metal?
  128. DIY Door Panel Removal
  129. Advice - Keep stock HU and add subwoofer
  130. DIY LED Interior/License Plate and Reverse light installation
  131. DIY Footwell led installation
  132. DIY LED door sill installation
  133. Need helping finding this steering wheel emblem!
  134. Where do I find the "B-CAN" wire? (Light green)
  135. Installing a Parrot Asteroid with Unika Steering Wheel controls
  136. Navi Steering Wheel Controls
  137. OEM door sills installed
  138. HELP! need sound deadening on 10' hatch!
  139. Stock amp on Nav models?
  140. Ask: Problem with CR-Z AT Shift Knob
  141. Air bag seat bypass???
  142. 10 inch flip down
  143. 2012/2013 Sport map lights connector?
  144. Sound deadening questions!
  145. Buyin a 2013 Fit Sport Thursday Advice On Headunit please help
  146. Wiring main horns (Hella Supertones) to work w/ keyless entry & alarm
  147. Anybody running the Circuit Hero Shift Extender?
  148. Stock head unit: how much power does it have?
  149. sparco seat??
  150. Keyless Entry/Alarm Fuse Box Location
  151. "JDM" Steering Wheel Emblem
  152. Unused Fuses
  153. 2010 honda fit sport bt35-hon install
  154. Installed Pioneer head unit now sounds worse?
  155. Aries Floor Liners/Mats
  156. Accord Front Seats
  157. Jonesing for a mirror with temp and compass...
  158. Front seat removal?
  159. Fit EV HVAC Controls
  160. Moving OEM Aux Input?
  161. Dog crate tie downs
  162. Looking for a Car Horn..
  163. HD radio in 2012 Sport?
  164. "How To" install an Amp and Subwoofer ?
  165. 2012 Honda Fit base model stereo swap advice
  166. Replaced Head Unit - audio sounds muffled
  167. Kenwood DNX7190
  168. F1spec seats fia approve?
  169. Question: Reverse light wire tap for backup camera
  170. BT speakerphone install: switched/unswitched 12V, mute
  171. DIY Cargo Cover
  172. New look for an oem wheel.
  173. Need Help Planning HU and coax speakers for 2012 Sport
  174. remove rear window trim?
  175. Type R emblem for GE
  176. Help in identifying the Harness/power connection near driver side tail light
  177. Does stereo store deleted USB tracks?
  178. 2010 Fit Sport sub/amp install pics
  179. Forcing removal of a CD?
  180. Help! Cheap OEM replacement, guide
  181. stuck shift knob...
  182. Ever wonder what an 18 would do inside a Fit?
  183. I need some outside insite on upgrading my car audio
  184. JDM interior panel/armrest p/n?
  185. Pioneer XM Receiver Install
  186. Avic X930BT Install Question
  187. Official GE Aftermarket Steering Wheel Thread
  188. Differences in OEM Fit navigation systems
  189. I'd like to get some help please
  190. Mugen rear view mirrors....(best price?)
  191. Upgrading stereo system (keeping factory nav)
  192. Need Help! Battery or Alternator?
  193. Clarion Nav System Installed
  194. Sony XNV-770BT GPS + Bluetooth + Rear camera
  195. Mugen rear view/Interior Trim and heat - do they melt?
  196. amp power cable - where through firewall?
  197. Looking for a new shift knob
  198. Installing a Sport stereo system in a Base model?
  199. Component front speaker recommendation
  200. Lowe's Door Handle Screw Cap Mod
  201. short shifter!
  202. Stereo Recommendations - 2012 Fit Sport
  203. Replacing my speakers + adding an amp/sub.
  204. Installed: '08 Civic SI seats in GE8
  205. EVO 8 Seats?
  206. Recaro fabric door panel inserts.
  207. DIY: Building a new rear floor.
  208. Opinions on this shift knob.
  209. Potential group buy on stealth 10" sub enclosure
  210. Dome Light supervision
  211. Recommend a Head Unit
  212. Headliner/Roof Mount Seatbelt drop help
  213. Double din wiring help
  214. Axxess ASWC
  215. Help - Remote Starter Install - Manual - Bulldog Deluxe 500
  216. Redline Goods Shift Boots
  217. DIY: Automatic To Manual Shift Boot And Knob Conversion
  218. JDM Hazard Button
  219. FULL sound deadening?
  220. Hi End Audio Project
  221. Stock seats
  222. will the oem shift boot from a gd3 fit on a ge8?
  223. Pioneer Avic-z130bt! :)
  224. The ultimate cargo liner for dogs
  225. New ULTRA BRIGHT Interior LED System
  226. $10 (shipped) eBay shift extender
  227. JDM Gauges in USDM Fit
  228. Any foreign fits have black headliners?
  229. Three blanks
  230. Few questions about an install
  231. Pioneer Avic-x930bt nav, sub install project
  232. c2-650x speaker help
  233. 2012 Fit rear floor mat???
  234. Official GE Interior Pics (Dash, Seats, Shift Knob, Steering Wheel, ETC.)
  235. PerformancePackage radar detector mount
  236. New 2012 cargo shelf on a 2010 fit
  237. speaker sizes??
  238. single din audio bracket??
  239. Clarion installation almost completed NEED SOME HELP as soon as possible with 2 thing
  240. ?How to wire Clarion wiring harness to play DVDs while driving
  241. Head Unit help, Clarion with Metra kit...
  242. Which direction should i hvae my subbox mounted? Some of my stuff came in today
  243. Help Installing Shiftlight
  244. Some final verification before I order my sound system (Final list)
  245. Factory antenna to aftermarket radio
  246. radio kit color way off on 2012
  247. Free to Good Home: Custom 12" Ported Enclosure (Houston, Texas)
  248. upcoming project.
  249. Installed my Clarion CX501
  250. Perfect cooiling system for spare tire area for amps
  251. Alarm / Security measures - Opinions requested
  252. Clarion VX400 vs Stock Headunit?
  253. 2012 Console Light in 2011
  254. 2011 Sport Ipod interface
  255. Best non-DIN looking headunit
  256. anyone know a diy for a custom headliner???
  257. Best way to add Bluetooth to stock radio?
  258. Fit Sport Navi: Terrible MP3 track data for USB stick vs iPod?
  259. LEDs in Dome Light
  260. Decision help needed from you Audio Geniuses
  261. My stereo install...what I learned (pics)
  262. Pulled the trigger? Will this make a for a good system?
  263. power outlet part number? install in cargo?
  264. Max Cargo Space: Stealthy Fiberglass Goodness
  265. Bypass Module Required for Aftermarket Alarm On Base Fit?
  266. Center Console - be wary
  267. Power/Fuse for Dome Light, 2011 Fit Sport
  268. Need some votes.
  269. HELP! nav is reversed!
  270. Where to put my powered sub?
  271. Help finding a touchscreen HU for audiophile with BT, AUX, and USB inputs
  272. Coax in the doors
  273. My new Build
  274. Back to basics
  275. angled spacers for components?
  276. Can you post up pics of your amps?
  277. Pioneer HU and door locks stopped working!
  278. Interior Map Lights
  279. Yup another box
  280. Removing steering wheel trim
  281. Another Door Fabric DIY
  282. JHPusa 5 panel panaramic mirror
  283. So I built yet another box :P
  284. Purple Wet Okoye Seat Covers
  285. Aftermarket seats
  286. Need recommendations for HU with BT+Sat
  287. Mugen Pedals (Accelerator rattles)
  288. 2011 Honda Fit Speaker Fitment
  289. So you want bass with little space?
  290. Poor Sat Reception
  291. Metra 40-HD10 Antenna
  292. Secure Amp Inside Spare
  293. Build the Best Clean Sounding System
  294. Build the Best Clean Sounding System
  295. Pioneer AVH-P3300BT Installed
  296. Is there a way to adjust the upper glovebox door?
  297. System installed
  298. Show Me Your Deck Install Pics
  299. has anyone tried to place a sub here?
  300. Good deal on some component speakers
  301. Bluetooth Mic Install
  302. Sound Upgrade Questions
  303. Changing door panel fabric 2010 fit
  304. wiring diagram for '09 factory navigation unit?
  305. fit system feature in spl mag
  306. Changing my subs
  307. Where to start?
  308. question on front seats
  309. Installing aftermarket speakers in my 2010 GE8
  310. Rear door speaker clearance???
  311. sub under rear seat
  312. OEM Navi Dash Trim Question
  313. Pic request: Mugen mirror cover as seen by driver
  314. Coaxial Speaker install for '10 UK Jazz
  315. 2008 Dash in a 2009 or newer.
  316. Honda AT leather shift knob
  317. Swapping drivers seat bottom for passenger seat bottom
  318. 2011 Sport w/Navi speaker upgrade
  319. Stock speaker specs?
  320. just a couple quick questions
  321. Pivot Megaraizin doesnt show Voltage reading, HELP!
  322. Subwoofer Install and Wiring Harness for '10 UK Jazz
  323. Replacing Navigation System
  324. [DIY] Custom Phone Mount for Honda Fit
  325. Radio Replacement Questions
  326. visor installation
  327. interior dash trim kit
  328. Outside temperature gauge/sensor.
  329. Huh!!!!
  330. Sound system install help
  331. Dillemma: In-dash Navi, Flyaudio? Chinese HU? or others?
  332. iPod holder for my fit
  333. Automatic Windows All around?
  334. Adding luxury to the GE8?
  335. Extra Fit Dash Kit
  336. Nearly-total audio install on 2009 SSM Sport M/T
  337. DIY GE8 Factory Armrest Install
  338. steering wheel emblem
  339. Help with sub + amp choices
  340. hoping to plan this only once
  341. Tweeter wiring?
  342. New fit owner :)
  343. great deal on an alarm
  344. Civic Steering Wheel in a GE8?
  345. Dealer installed armrest slide?
  346. Info on Shift Knobs: Stock, JDM Jazz, Mugen, Blox! Lots of pictures!
  347. Removing Map Light Covers
  348. Adding Sub (and amp) to stock, non-nav HU
  349. Single-Din Install
  350. Picking out a HU?
  351. Depth of stock door speakers on GE Fits
  352. Driver's seat height adjustable
  353. Mugen floor mats
  354. Removal of the "magic seat", anyone done it, is it hard to do?
  355. Opinion on this sub/amp/box setup?
  356. Heated Seats
  357. Sound Deadening Project (Lots of Pics)
  358. Installing Auto Dimming Mirror?
  359. car won't start after installation of subs/amps
  360. Question about USB plug for Fit Sport
  361. honda nav unit with xm
  362. interesting problem
  363. Mugen style rear view mirror cover
  364. remove the center dome light cover
  365. T1R Bucket and Reclining Seats! **In stock NOW!**
  366. Removing interior trunk pannels (wheel wells/ fender)
  367. Which Clifford alarm should I get?
  368. signal from factory nav to amp?
  369. Door Panel Removal
  370. Aftermarket Steering Wheel for GE SRS Bypass
  371. help! cut out door speaker grills
  372. DIY: Leather E-Brake Cover
  373. Alternate seat covers
  374. Bluetooth Idea
  375. Need help with amp
  376. OEM radio upgrade to OEM Navi
  377. Clazzio leather seat cover
  378. HID install?
  379. t1r quick shifter diy?
  380. pic of aftermarket HU?
  381. using PAC-audio steering wheel control interface with non-nav & aftermarket stereos
  382. Metra Kit Rattling!!!
  383. stock speakers?
  384. Hasepro GE8 Carbon Steering Emblem Inserts
  385. 2010 Base Fit: Install rear speakers in new location?
  386. CR-Z seats in a Fit?
  387. iPhone, updated to iOS4 now unsupported?
  388. rear speakers sugguestions
  389. FN2 Steering Wheel into Fit
  390. are speakers under warranty?
  391. Head unit for my Fit
  392. need help ID'ing this bride seat
  393. Clarion srs1686 - Thoughts?
  394. Do we have a UK Honda parts connection
  395. Considering FlyAudio headunit to replace my stock navi
  396. Nav no front RCA's
  397. Aftermarket Stereo and Stock Anti Theft's "Code"??
  398. speaker adapter rings
  399. Fit Electrical System
  400. heated seat MOD
  401. Hot day + stereo = distortion
  402. iPod problem
  403. Little Build Log for my Fit
  404. Floor mat anchors
  405. AVIC-U310 BT Install
  406. Install bluetooth kit in steering wheel?
  407. Stock Navi - Internal fuse?
  408. Ask: How to change new fit steering wheel with paddle shift??
  409. Best way to run new power
  410. Pioneer Introduces Pandora Radio Integration - iPhone App [VIDEO & PICS]
  411. Stealthbox fit for GE8?
  412. Has anyone seen this HU before?
  413. DIY: Focal 165V1 installed using factory mounts
  414. Audio Connector wires GE6 (could be for others, haven't checked)
  415. GE: Is Scosche harness wired incorrectly like the Metra harness
  416. Focal 165V1 install help?
  417. Experience with protective film
  418. Stock Navigation Unit w/ Aftermarket Parts
  419. XM Hardwire Question
  420. Basic question
  421. anyone have any luck installing a Bulldog RS1200 remote starter?
  422. Thread Pitch on shift knob
  423. Replacing the factory Nav with an aftermarket Nav?
  424. Power wire length to amp in the trunk?
  425. Playlist problems using MP3 player (a sony Walkman)
  426. Installing rear view camera
  427. Critique picks for speakers/sub/amp. Suggest HU?
  428. any good alarm shops in the bayarea?
  429. Removing interior pillar panels?
  430. Amp Location
  431. 07/08 vs 09/10 floor mats
  432. 09 honda fit dvd/nav/cd/etc....
  433. Shift Light install help
  434. New pedals and mats!
  435. English DIY maplight in base GE
  436. H-Fit SSAS and Razo RA120 Review
  437. what will make the most difference
  438. usb Flash drive folder sorting
  439. JDM red Honda badge for steering wheel....WHERE?
  440. Stock volume knob failing?
  441. Removing Interior Panels
  442. Anyone using Polk Audio db651 Speakers?
  443. 2010 fit - stereo sounds crappy
  444. 2010 Fit VSS wire
  445. Decisions, decisions...
  446. Got my new Fit! Now for add-ons and questions. Audio, bluetooth, inverters, etc.
  447. Mini-Sub Box Design
  448. Carbon Fiber Rear View Mirror Cover...
  449. Doing some upgrades this weekend
  450. Stock Battery replacement
  451. Boss BASS1200
  452. Adding BT and Camera to stock Navi?
  453. Part Number for right side cargo panel?
  454. Part Number for right side cargo panel?
  455. Navigation and steering controls done :)
  456. 2010 Head Unit with Navigation
  457. Radio will not power on.
  458. Will i get a static/buzz sound if i did this? (Audio)
  459. Aftermarket seat mount GE and GD the same?
  460. 09 fit sport seat mod question
  461. Spoon Blue Wide Rear View Mirror Lens!
  462. Keyless entry location?
  463. Adding Map Light to Base Model
  464. How many decibels in stock system?
  465. Alpine CDA-105?
  466. Need a new HU, or just an amp? 09 Fit Sport
  467. Seat replacement?
  468. Booster Antenna
  469. Mugen Knob for GE
  470. 2010 Fit Sport ?'s
  471. Is there a way to put a playlist on USB flash drive?
  472. Anyone knows how to remove Climate(A/C) Control Panel
  473. removing the visors
  474. Fit OEM Homelink
  475. Whats that SVC option do in the audio settings?
  476. Seat covers
  477. SPEAKERS: i'd like to install new Speakers... what SIZE (Woofers and Tweeters)?
  478. Metra or Scoche Dask Kit for GE
  479. Another 2009 audio question.
  480. 09 factory nav installation pitfalls
  481. VHT Nightshades for emblems & lights?
  482. Can i add a cigerette lighter plug right here? i have pics
  483. Armrest: Zetaproducts vs Honda
  484. Stock speakers and radio in 2009 fit sport.
  485. How to install amp with Factory Nav unit
  486. Beeping noises - Navigation or Bluetooth?
  487. How to install LED running lights on GE8. Wiring Guru's please HELP!
  488. Aftermarket Headunits Pictures
  489. Question on JVC KW-AVX820??
  490. Amp and Sub(s) wiring Question to stock HU.
  491. Anyone have any DIY interior mods?
  492. Pedal slippage
  493. Anyone using a Cipa 36400 Dimming Mirror?
  494. turbo GE8
  495. GE8 dome light wiring location inside dash?
  496. Something small - how to change the interior light?
  497. programming Bluetooth CD-BTB200 w/ AVH-P3100
  498. Need Part # for steering wheel audio controls
  499. GE8 Metra Kit Trim Piece
  500. disabling DVD HU safety feature Pioneer